Monday, August 12, 2013


Strap yourselves in folks, there's lots of ground to cover. (Well we'll see how long this holds my interest. At the moment that length of time is fairly questionable.)

You can probably guess that as I'm starting this blog post after 4pm that last night's closing activities were a smashing success (to our livers and circadian cycles if nothing else)!

Sunday was a beautiful day and we broke 50 spectators for a solid and heartfelt final run of the TEMPEST. (I'm happy to say a couple people even caught the internet stream. Yes!) It's always bittersweet to let go of a production, and letting go of an entire season can be even more emotional, but I have to say the timing was right and we did a helluva lot of good work this summer. And it ended timely and well.

I'm proud to have been involved in this unique and ultimately fairly successful experiment.

I could write a lot about each experience and what I take away from each show, but I'll spare you that. Let's just say it was time well spent and all of you who had a hand in it will not be forgotten.

And, remember, Hang Outs don't expire, so look to claim yours when you can! : D

After the show we struck in fairly short order and, if one disregards the pile of human excrement just behind the studio dock door, without a hitch. I did rip the crotch out of my suit pants when moving the sound equipment. Perhaps dressing up for strike was not the brightest idea I've ever had. Tee hee.

Tristan and I bought some ice and, after a quick trailer pit stop, headed right to his house to set up for the BBQ. We iced the boat and much beer was placed therein. Beauty.

Tristan also decorated the house with various puppets in addition to this more permanent piece he has on his living room wall. I'm glad to know the good doctor and friends have a real home now that is not so hellish. Note the upward tilt of his gaze. Nice touch.

 Mathys of course found a puppet to try out (Oakenshield in this case) and I found a new face. Like it?

Some of the puppets got a bit too hammered and showed us their puppet holes. Nice, real nice.

Of course, none of the puppeteers were inebriated at all! *lays finger aside of nose*

And that's why, after a great BBQ (only missing AQ, AH, KA and VS from the Summer Series) with some other Zoot folks in attendance we moved the party to MJs. I *did* have a free admission burning a hole in my wallet. It might really have succeeded as there did seem to be a hole in it last night. Yikes.

A lot of singing was accomplished. Heather had some great back up dancers.

Though we couldn't get Michael back up onstage, I did get to do a song with Tristan (Yes they had Zappa!) and McKnight (Thunderball) . I also sang with JJ (Summer Lovin') and Darren (Scenes from an Italian Restaurant) and the whole Zoot crew got down to Don't Stop Believin'.

And, to top it all off, I sang War Pigs at a gay bar. I started with that actually. I'm not sure why that pleased me so much, but it did.

My rendition of Drive at the end of the night left something to be desired, but I got tipped for Creep, one of my K-Rock standards.

Thanks to everyone for making that time. I didn't specifically say goodbye to everyone, but I think we had a good last hurrah for this summer together and I really appreciated that.

And speaking of thank yous, after watching the TED Talks Life Hack Series a few weeks ago (3 to be exact) I took some advice and wrote down three things for which I was thankful for the last 21 days. Here's the list, 'cause I have no secrets and no shame.


21 Days of Thrice Gratitude - mlh

I am grateful . . .

Tuesday 7/23/13 - #1

1.)   for the ease with which I can find wifi in and around the Miami Valley.
2.) for the time to help my brother achieve his goals in a meaningful way.
3.) for so many places, i.e. beds, couches, floors etc. I am able to lay my head at a moment’s notice.

Wednesday 7/24/13 - #2

1.) that my groceries have been bought for me the past several months.
2.) for the respect of most of my peers.
3.) for the ease of internet shopping.

Thursday 7/25/13 - #3

1.) for the ease with which I can create new identities on gmail.
2.) that I have been told and know how to listen to my dreams and subconscious mind.
3.) for clean bathrooms.

Friday 7/26/13 - #4

1.) for my voice, bruises, bumps and all, both literally and figuratively.
2.) for beer.
3.) for good water pressure and hot showers.

Saturday 7/27/13 - #5

1.) for instant videos, television and movies.
2.) for water.
3.) for alone time.

Sunday 7/28/13 - #6

1.) for the invention of the microwave egg poacher.
2.) for being barefoot.
3.) for vitamins

Monday 7/29/13 - #7

1.) for the ability to memorize quickly.
2.) for my education.
3.) for down time.

Tuesday 7/30/13 - #8

1.) for so many ways to listen to and share music.
2.) for easy word processing.
3.) for google image search.  

Wednesday 7/31/13 - #9

1.) for new friends.
2.) for meat.
3.) for my dreams (and my nightmares).

Thursday 8/1/13 - #10

1.) for toilet paper.
2.) for cognitive dissonance.
3.) for spatial awareness.

Friday 8/2/13 - #11

1.) for naps.
2.) for fans.
3.) for cold water.

Saturday 8/3/13 - #12

1.) for eggs.
2.) for eggheads.
3.) for the egg that let the sperm through the punctured diaphragm to bring me about!

Sunday 8/4/13 - #13

1.) for the rare easy stool.
2.) for the Kinks and the Animals.
3.) for facial tissue.

Monday 8/5/13 - #14

1.) for projects.
2.) for my tongue.
3.) for food that’s just spicy enough . . .

Tuesday 8/6/13 - #15

1.) for family.
2.) for documentaries.
3.) for unrequited love.

Wednesday 8/7/13 - #16

1.) for microwave treats.
2.) for crunchy foods.
3.) for energy drinks.

Thursday 8/8/13 - #17

1.) for form and function.
2.) for sex.
3.) for Gatorade.

Friday 8/9/13 - #18

1.) for weather (especially rain).
2.) for pirate lore.
3.) for USB technology.

Saturday 8/10/13 - #19

1.) for the pussy cat.
2.) that I’ve had this summer at home.
3.) for performance.

Sunday 8/11/13 - #20

1.) for Classical Literature and Poetry.
2.) for puppets.
3.) for air conditioning.

Monday 8/12/13 - #21

1.) for the possible pussy.
2.) for crushes.

3.) for my life.


Did these three gratitudes a day offset a negative thought every day? I don't know, but it's nice to remember to say thank you. Don't think I'll pursue this practice anymore, but it's good to remember how one is fortunate. I've had quite a course on that this summer.

Speaking of giving thanks, the "Good Folks Who Attended the Bard in the Yard!" and sponsored this week are in no particular order:

Laura Johnson, Geri Ellen and Ken "Longbeach" Huntington, Ted and Christy Kane, Rachel Davis, Chris and Lisa Holmes, Julie Puryear and Eirk Innes, Esther Chan and Mike.

You guys are the tits, as they say.

Okay, I'm done for the day. Thanks for reading this far if ya did.

Now I'm gonna turn my brains off.

bzzzzzz kacHUNK ssssssssss *sizzle* ~steam~


Funding:                110.3%
Days in Ohio:         92
Today is sponsored by the good folks who attended Bard in the Yard!

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