Monday, August 26, 2013

Old Friends

In a surprise 11th hour donation, Steve Haskin came through to bring our percentage up to 114.6% *and* I got to see him yesterday! 

I know I said early on in this process how great it was to re-connect with old friends and I'd like to say that again. Not only did I get another donation, I got another Hang Out and I get to brag about somebody else. Awesome!

I've known Mr. Haskin for 20 years. We met at the Muse Machine production of Oliver my junior year of high schol and also worked together in Peter Pan the following year. Steve went to Stebbins so was from further into Dayton than I was, but we saw each other a lot as he took the spot as the bassist for Zodiak, our high school band. 

This was the cover for the one EP we released: Acid Baby

Someday maybe I'll get around to the other material I have, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Steve and I have different memories of that time though we both agreed it was a fun thing to do.

We re-connected in Chicago many years later. Steve had gone to film school at Tisch at NYU and I had landed here after Northwestern and we had many friends in common. I even played Jorel for him for a short film he worked on with the Chicago All Stars. My first green screen work! Heh.

Steve worked for a company in the 'burbs for many years as a Staff Producer and Production Manager, but since going solo as the owner of DikDik Productions he's picked up largely Audio and Producing jobs as well as the occasional editing gig. He's dong well. I'm very pleased for him.

I not only got to see Steve, but his wife Maggie and their son Oscar showed up for dinner at Moody's with me and the G's. I hadn't seen miss Maggie in quite some time and I had never met the boy, so it was a fun night of new and old.

In case you've never been, Moody's has great burgers and an excellent outdoor area. We enjoyed our visit and then Maggie took the kid home and we went with dad to Carol's Pub, one of my old hang outs.

The Haskin Family 8.25.13

My Polaroid is getting close to empty (not sure how many shots are left) so this is a great 70's style vacation shot with closed eyes and half heads. Hee hee. Love it. Y'all look great.

Carol's was a typical mess with a drunk lady telling us "That's why everyone hates white people" when we refused to give her money or buy her drinks. Tony found this particularly funny. We talked over a few pitchers and generally disrupted Diamondback from filling the empty room. 

(They really are quite good. Have a listen if you're ever in the area.)

CJ wasn't in but I got to bandy a few times with Jimmy, so I got my fix. 

Thanks for making the time Steve. It was *great* to see you.

On another note, this is the shorthand for tonight: 

Dick's Last Resort - 6 ish 
315 N Dearborn 60611  

*Note: This party may move depending on when my buddy gets cut; let's keep it low key!

AND Happy #Birthday Sarah! : D


Funding:                114.6%
Days in Chicago:   12
Days Away:          106
Today is sponsored by the Griffith-Garcias

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