Friday, August 30, 2013

Radio Silence!

Loyal Readers, Friends and Fans:

I have one request.

Don't knock on my door before the 1st of September.

I am home friends, but I am not home to anyone for the next two days.

(This includes: texts, emails, phone calls, &tc . . .)

I do hope you understand.

Thanks for a great summer.

Regardless, let me give you a brief re-cap of yesterday and then I'll be back in the mix soon.

I feel like my life is one transparency over another but everything has been shifted from 1/2 an inch to 2 feet in an awkward direction. Got to get my bearings.


I got up in the morning and rented a Zipcar so I could get a pizza puff from the Jewels.

No really, I was showing the G's the mechanics of the thing and helping them to run a few last minute errands before Sarah headed to the burbs. Below you can almost see where she left a bum print in the frozen food aisle.

She also did her impression of MegaMan for us. Well the Brown Bagger anyway! Ha Ha!

Tony was a true gent and helped me hump my bags to the top of the Irving Park station one last time and I had a pretty uneventful trip from the Blue to the Orange.

I even got a skyline pic through the dirty train window. Not bad for a last second decision, eh?

After the train, I gave the end of my 7 Day pass to a young fella in the tunnel that takes forever to the airport itself. I got through ticketing fairly quickly and then hit security. *That* is a true CF at Midway. Of course I forgot it was a holiday weekend and I seldom fly the same time as regular citizens so those were contributing factors.

I got a wing seat and besides the 3rd-to-last-sat asshole sitting in the middle seat elbowing me all the way to LAX, it was a quick flight.

I liked this image as I de-boarded and headed for the luggage. I missed the Flyaway by about a minute and found an outdoor plug to siphon some power before catching the next one a half an hour later.

I waited a bit at Union Station for the next train but then caught the 217 (!) at Hollywood and Western and made a pit stop at Quick Stop for a couple of tall boys before trudging across the Beaches at Hollywood and Normandie, encountering the idiot neighbors that live below me as my homecoming crew (ick).

One of the most surprising things to me was the monster tree on the corner with the tripping sidewalk trap is gone and it looks like any other old regular corner now. : )

Oh and our elevator smells like piss now. Hooray!

But it was nice to get home, kick off the shoes, wander around, open mail and quaff a bevie whilst sitting in my chair and looking at the Observatory. I missed that.

There's much to do, but the Sojourn is done. And I couldn't have done it without you.

Look for my synthesis in the coming days, but not today. And not tomorrow.

It's HOT! *phew*

This is what I actually meant to post last night (stupid mobile youtube!) . . .

See you all SOON!



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