Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last Day / First Day

Happy Opening?

I only question it because I am neither happy this morning, nor certain that we will open with the weather being what it is.

I forget sometimes how much crappy art can affect my mood. And, no, I am not referring to the TEMPEST here.  I, in fact, expect that to improve my attitude if we get to perform today. We only did 9 of the first two pieces, so I suppose it's likely that will happen with this piece as well . . . we'll see . . .

I'm going to try to restrain myself as I've already wasted enough time on this "film," but fuck Valhalla Rising made me want to murder Nicholas Winding Refn.


If you're going to write a movie with barely 50 lines of dialogue then you don't get 6 fucking title cards that you pop every 20 minutes because you have no concept of narrative! What the fuck was this thing? I guess you win Refn as I watched the entire thing waiting for something to happen, but Jesus. Pathfinder was better than this and that was a disaster at best.

If I ever meet you in person I will beat you for the "soundtrack" alone.

Needless to say I wouldn't recommend that POS, but each his own. Ugh.

I slept like shit and now the mower assholes are here being mower assholes. Seriously. A blower on the front porch!?!?

Okay. Calm. Breathe.

'Cause yesterday was alright. I hung out with the folks until they went to see a friend and I got some time to lounge with myself which I sorely needed. I meditated (for serious), checked my lines, watched the Freakonomics doc (well worth the time) and then I had a nice final dress.

I honestly can't wait for people to see this. And Prospero's just dying to see you!

Just one reason don't like you 
to see puppets backstage . . . 

Brian decided we were good after one run and a few touch-ups and he and I went to Tank's and I got forty million wings. Terrible "Ranch" but good chicken.

Then on the way home, aswe discussed some Chi-town logistics, McKnight asked if I minded if he stopped by his office at the CAC. As I haven't visited at all this summer (!) I said, "Of course."

It's always strange to go back there. The first thing I noticed - besides Anita and Blaine in the parking lot - weirdos ; {- was all the plants outside the building. That was certainly not the view when I attended the school. Less anisceptic for certain.

It's crazy how much has been going in terms of prettifying public space in that area of campus. The hallways are a nice light green and they have bulletin boards and the music wing has done some weird shit with the entrance to the recital hall, but the studios look the same as they did when I walked in 20 years ago. I mean not even a paint job.


The Directing Lab looks just as shitty as it did when I put up my OPS and the chairs Brian and I used to inhabit whilst we talked shit are still there. Wouldn't you have loved to have gotten constructive comments from Smart Alec and Know-it-All?

You know you would. Gems like: "Have you ever considered backstage work?" Yep. Still dyed-in-the-wool assholes. Some things don't change. Like Wright State Theatre Department's general disregard for the welfare of their students. And you can take that to the bank.

It is clearly time for some people to move on.

Still it was surprising and warm, as it always is, to have Proust's Madeleine by walking through untouched spaces and it serves to remind me of how far I've come. I have fond memories of that building though having now taught in many much larger schools it is astonishing how rinky-dink the whole operation feels to me now.

You can never go home again.

Okay enough of my bullshit and ranting. Let's try to have a good Wednesday, eh? Eh?



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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Closed Mondays

I had some really crazy insomnia last night.  Luckily I didn't have anywhere particular to be, at least not until this evening.

We had a couple tech runs last night, and I have to say, I think we're in good shape to open Wednesday.  I look forward to the run tonight and spectators!

My pops planned to go to the Fair this after, but it turns out that the $2 with a canned food item entrance fee promo is Monday and Thursday so we'll wait until then later this week.

Wow am I scattered!

I guess chronology is over-rated, eh?

So the big event yesterday was the chance to meet up with my good friend Daria Schaffnit. After hanging around the house in the morning, I had the opportunity to catch up with her. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley, so my suggestion that we meet at Leo Bistro (where the lunches for the Summer Series are made) was thwarted by the dreaded Museum Hours.

Because we're rehearsing, it never occurred to me that the DAI is closed on Mondays. Duh.

We talked about a lot, having not seen each other for about a decade, and we had a nice time sitting on a bench on the DAI hill looking over Dayton's ongoing Riverview construction. I'd say the sign of a good conversation is not needing more than a space in which to hold it. Of course it helped that the weather was fine and the company good.

We yammered on about life, love and the pursuit of happiness, art, mutual friends, moving and anything else we could get our minds around. It was a truly inspiring and helpful conversation for me and I, for one, am very glad the Associate Pastor of Faith Formation and Family Life at David's United Church of Christ had time to fit me in.

Too little in end, but it was a refreshing to natter with a like-minded person and I felt rejuvenated when we made our goodbyes.

: )

I'm hoping this starts the trend I'm expecting sooner rather than later where my friends say: "Hey, you're leaving! You just got here." (though I've been home for 2.5 months) and that people start to make the effort to see me before I leave Ohio in the next 17 days or so - then it's Look Out Chicago!

It will be a spell before I make it back here for any length of time . . . Just sayin' . . .

And we out!


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Monday, July 29, 2013


I went to bed fairly early last night but still chose to steal time this morning and lounge for probably longer than I should have.  It felt good.  It felt like I had actually got one over on the garbage truck that decided to do maintenance in front of my open window at 8 this morning. Heh.

Admittedly last night's dream was another adventure-length doozie, but the details are fading and I am inclined to let them go. I think I also wrote different variations of this blog 3 or 4 times before I finally deigned to be upright.


Yesterday we had our first Tech (including two runs) with sound, &tc.  Anita's ankle was well enough for her to move through the space, for which we were all quite thankful. Everything went quite well save me drying at a most inopportune time and 5 or 6 wedding related pricks wandering through the space, jabbering, slamming doors and what-not.  What're ya gonna do?

We also figured out the new configuration of the backstage space. Looks nice, don't it?

We finished a bit early and when I got home I helped my dad send off some HOA thanks-but-no email-letters and then I hung out with the folks.  We had dinner, shakes from the Airway DQ and watched a silly little flick called Wild Target.

I statyed up a bit longer, but didn't do much else of note.  I'm looking forward to our couple of runs this evening and the continuance of this cool weather.  : )



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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wondrous Heavy

Hello everyone.

I am groggy. I slept like the dead and the imprint of the bedclothes looked angry on my body when I awoke - some 3 hours later than I expected. I suppose I needed it.

The weather is cool and fine having hit a nighttime low in the mid-50's last evening.

I have not much to report from yesterday.

When I got home I read and watched the idiot box.  A lot.

And I feel just fine about it.

I'm now off to an all day tech/dress so I have no time to waste.

Sorry this isn't more exciting, I guess, but that's the way it shook out.

Catch ya on the flip-flop.


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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alone Time

I woke up this morning to rain pounding on the roof of the trailer.  It was a nice enclosed cocoon-y feeling and I didn't want to wake.  So I mostly didn't. I had all manner of mischief planned for the day, but instead I decided to stay put and listen to the water beat on the metal and plastic.

I've been feeling pensive lately and I'm trying to take moments to digest everything that's going on (or not going on) while I have the gift of the time to do so. I have you all to thank for that gift. Arigato.

Yesterday I spent most of the day kind of hanging around, enjoying being off (rehearsal, not my head) and then I took a stroll to five points so I could visit the credit union &tc. This was the view during most of my stroll . . .

It's hard to get mad at a sky like that. And trees. It was a lovely, lovely day. (Nevertheless, I'm glad I've had a few terrible sweaty hot ones though, so I'm not charmed by this into thinking my old home is actually idyllic.) That would be an insanity, but I'm sure enjoying what I have.

The dads took me to Dewey's for some good pizza and then I met Juliet at the Trolley Stop for a little shit-talking before heading over to the Whizbang to help roadie a bit. We were joined later by Brian and Cameron.

The show was a little laid back and in the cut, but Grennan (8) successfully threw knives at Kaleb Kane, a young (16), up and coming magician and escape artist. This is him hanging from a bar by his feet while getting out of a straitjacket.

Last night's show was, as always, entertaining, and in addition to Kaleb, Grennan, his sister Charlotte (5), there was also a stand-up, one Matt Loxely (17) who I found particularly brave and amusing. He's gonna have some trouble in this area, but if he gets out, man he's a dark one.

I let him know.

This is something the Freakshow Deluxe family is doing absolutely right. Sideshow has always had a tribal conviviality at its roots and allowing some of these young people the opportunity to perform at this variety show at this venue at this age will make a lasting impression and help shape their lives and performance styles as well as having the strong potentiality to bring in the next generation of the FSD.  So smart.

After the show a few of us went back to the Gunn house and mostly talked over The Man With the Iron Fists (meaning I'm going to actually watch it at some point). I enjoyed it, but the socializing was paramount.

So here I am in the trailer, listening to the rain.  I'm gonna take a few more minutes to do that before deciding how the rest of my day plays out. I hope yours is as restful.


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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous Night!

Hello friends!

I had a wonderful *long* lunch with Joey and Brian (after Brian and I went to the right Frisch's - duh - two on Wilmington Pike - who knew?) then we had time for a quick QI (and *way* too much coffee cake!) before heading in to rehearsal.

The first spacing run went well and we solved a lot of problems.  Unfortunately the second run was cut short when young Anita rolled her ankle in the gravel.  It was too good to be true that we'd get through the whole series without someone hitting the dirt as it were.  Frankly, I thought it would be me.

Here's holding a good thought she'll be back to functioning for Sunday's Tech!  *fingers x'd*

I helped drive her car back to her home and got her situated before heading back with Victoria to meet JJ, Mathys, Michael and Tristan at the old haunt of the Oregon Express.  JJ's puppet fever has gotten to the point where he's making everything into harnesses - even pizza stands!

Then we were talked into going to MJ's for Karaoke.  Tristan left us but Brian joined for awhile. Let me tell you these fellas can sing.  It was a pleasure to hear and I was glad of a little time to get to know JJ better. He's a hoot and does one helluva of a Janis, and a Liza, and a Babs.  You get the idea.

We also popped Mr. Sticka's Karaoke cherry.  He and I did Poncho and Lefty and he JJ did a singular version of Islands in the Stream.  There was a lot of country going on last night and much of it was my fault.

Hee hee.

We all saw mutual friends and we had a very nice time.  Thanks for the invite y'all. For the record, I also sang House of the Rising Sun, Mama Tried and Delilah.

Now I'm off to enjoy my DARK FRIDAY!

Hope to see some of you at the Whizbang tonight.



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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shortly shall all my labours end . . .

I spent yesterday being most useful.  I helped my pop with some foot errands and then some booking-on-the-internet-style errands and then I spent some time working on a few new lines.  I then went to the Zoot studio early (for the final time) with some brownies dad made for everyone.  They were a big hit!  Ghiradelli don'tcha know!

Tristan and I checked out my Goddess puppet - yes I'm the Queen of the Sky in case you didn't realize - and then we filmed some of Caliban's movements so I could see them from the outside.  When Mathys and Anita arrived we ran the drunk scenes a few times and then rehearsal started in earnest as we worked through the show again - to good avail I think.

Following notes we worked some kinks out of some specific scenes and then said good bye to the studio for the last time this summer.  I love all the detritus and the general whimsy of the space but I can't say I am sorry to leave the dust and the generally pervasive heat, though at least last night was admittedly mild.

JJ prepares Prospero before we begin the run; 
Brian surveys the space

When I got home I found out that many of my elder relatives are ailing and I was glad to know that my dads have the time to go visit some of them today.  I am thankful they have not only the time but also the ability and desire to do so.

At the end of the day I decided to indulge in some well-earned vegging time before heading to bed.

Today we're back in the DAI for spacing and I do look forward to it!  I think tonight's rehearsal will shed light on many unasked as well as unanswered questions.



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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We are such stuffe as dreams are made on . . .

Here are v.1 and v.2 of Prospero taking a break as we rehearse.

"Was the run that bad?" you ask.

Not a bit.  In fact, quite the opposite!  But it is still hot in the Zoot Studio and it is indeed a physical show. What started out as only 4 puppets is growing by the day, but I like the shape of the piece.

And below you see Cam and Anita as the lovers relaxing between scenes and showing off their Zoot pride.

It feels as though some of the heaviness of FAUSTUS has dropped away from all of us and we can actually begin to see TEMPEST.  It will be a nice way to round the series with a little sleep.

And I adore my puppet. Just sayin' . . .

After we worked the show Brian and I met with Michael and Tristan and we talked a bit about the successes and (few) failures of the summer and what the future might hold.  It was nice to be sounded and I hoped to stay connected to this innovative company down the line.

When I finally got home I slept like the dead.  I've got a few new sections of lines to put in my noggin, and then I'm working with Tristan for a bit this afternoon before rehearsal proper.  It's gonna be a long one for me, but I predict, endlessly satisfying.

See some of you later and the rest on the other side!

: )


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Island is mine by Sycorax, my mother . . .


We finished blocking TEMPEST last night and then were able to stumble through the show.  It was a lot less shaky than I imagined it might be. AND I had access to a nearly completed Caliban.  

This puppet is awesome!

In case any of you have any foolish doubts about the genius that is D. Tristan Cupp, here are a few more process shots to the biggest new puppet of the series!  

Process Shot #1

 Process Shot #2

Process Shot #2 - alternate view

Pretty cool, eh?

I'm looking forward to getting together with Mr. Wizard and learning more of what this puppet is capable. It's obviously hard to gauge from inside the monster.  Different than looking at the side of Faustus' face, but a similar liberating limitation.  

I look forward to getting back at it tonight!

"I am full of pleasure!"  And I'm sure you will be too!

: D


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Monday, July 22, 2013

Faustus is gone.

I had what I think was the longest most garish, most involved rock-und-roll sado-sexual funhouse nightmare (or series of nightmares) I have ever had last night. It seemed it would never end. Even when I awoke to micturate it just seemed to pause and start in again immediately.  The details are hazy at best (and becoming even more ephemeral by the minute), but I think even Miike would've been proud of the vinyl and barbed-wire pink and yellow duckie douche in heavy rotation in the swimming pool of pain.

Not nearly as sanguine as my vision, but it'll do pigs . . .

Thank you to everyone who made an appearance last night no matter how twisted or sinister. Sheesh.

It's interesting that this dream surfaced now when I am, in fact, being more exponentially and specifically creative than I have in some time.  I normally only have protracted bloody violent dreams when I'm not being originative in any way.  I suppose it could be like when you get a lot of sleep you want more sleep.  Or carbs make you crave carbs.  Or sex, sex. That kind of thing.

I do have a lot on my mind - and *in* my mind - but I am also fatigued (physically, emotionally, &tc.) and I need to focus on the next show of the series (which I'm very excited about BeeTeeDubs) and Faustus just ended.  Perhaps some of that dreaming was an attempt by my mind to make room for new things.

Excisions can be vicious.

I suppose that might also explain why I went to bed so early after a fairly uneventful afternoon. We'll have to see how this all plays out.

And on an entirely different note, here's my favorite image from yesterday's strike:

No the mannequin had nothing to do with FAUSTUS.  It just needed to get back to the shop with the rest of it and Anita seemed to take a little too much joy in the task.  ; )

So there you go.



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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The date is expired. This is the time.

This is the last day of FAUSTUS.  If you missed it, man you missed it!  But you do have ONE MORE CHANCE!  And it looks like the weather will be good for it.

Yesterday the gods of Acheron played us fair.  Let us see if they will do it again.  This was the scene that greeted us when we walked into the cloister to set up.

And those clouds fulfilled their promise.  After we set up big fat drops of rain pummeled the grass and we cleared everything.  The downpour abated about 20 minutes before showtime.  We set up ran the show and no more than three minutes after we came down it began raining with a fury renewed.

Thanks for the window.

I think it may have cooled things off for today as well.

After the show I had the chance to have lunch and a long confabulation with Mr. Darren Brown. He asked me for some perspective and helped me with my lines. Darren played Demetrius/Quince/Mustardseed in MIDSUMMER and Lucifer/Carolus and others in FAUSTUS. He will not be closing the season with us as he has prior commitments.

I, for one, am very sorry to see him go.  Darren loves Dayton.  Darren loves Zoot.  And Darren is someone you want in your corner.  He's just a real stand-up guy.  I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

After my long Hang Out with Darren we nearly finished blocking the TEMPEST.  Man that Caliban puppet is cool!  You're gonna love it.

Hard to believe the summer and the Series are both 2/3 of the way finished.

It's gonna be over so soon!

Then Brian and I took a quick trip down to Cincy to see Sara and Mike's new awesome, huge house. While there a beetle flew into my right eye and as I tried to remove it it latched on to my eyelashes and some of them came out as I pulled the thing free.  It was really strange and I am not harmed, but why did it happen?
(I don't think I mentioned that I had a locust fly into my hair last week and latch on to the point I couldn't get it free; perhaps Beelzebub isn't so pleased with my portrayal of the good doctor. Shrugs.)

Following a short visit we returned to Dayton and I said good night to Alice and crawled into the trailer for a long hard sleep.

Now I'm off to the DAI to give up my last life as Faustus and to hopefully livestream it for all of you outside of the Miami Valley.

Do tune in. 1p EST.


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thy fatall time drawes to a finall end . . .

Hard won battles are often the most bittersweet to leave.

This show took a lot out of me in the journey to get it up and running and now I only have two more chances to channel good and doomed Doctor Faustus.  I hope some of you have had a chance to see it and I hope many more will in the next two days.  (Remember I'll be streaming tomorrow at 1p EST)  I'm very proud of this show.

It was a difficult birth, but I believe the baby to be hearty and hale.

Thanks to everyone involved in this endeavor.  I will long remember it.

I'm going to forgo the daily natterings about my this and thating yesterday.  At the moment, it just doesn't seem that important.  Thanks to everyone with whom I interacted yesterday in various and sundry and wonderful ways.

I'll leave you with a picture of where my head is at the present moment.  This is one of the rare moments I have backstage.  This is what I see; what I will miss seeing.



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Friday, July 19, 2013

Not So Hot

It was a blessing that last night's show was not quite so hot as the day before.  It was still a sweater, but we got through FAUSTUS and with aplomb.  Besides, heat keeps us all in mind of Hell.  (Moo ha ha!)  I was unsure how the show might go after effectively 3 days off, nearly 25% of the total time of consecutive rehearsals for this piece.

It went well.  It felt like a second opening in some ways and we had many friendly ears.  I was so pleased to have been able to share it.  I'll be sad when this one is done.  Only three more chances to sell my soul.


Prior to the show I spent the day messing with boxes and remembering media mail and running a few errands with the help of my pop.  I then checked my lines for both FAUSTUS and TEMPEST and watched bits of Van Helsing.  (No I don't know why; what dreck!)

My folks moved their reservation as they had planned to attend Wednesday's cancelled show and they walked the museum as I prepared.  Part of my preparation was to visit the Medieval (or Gothic) Cloister which, though not nearly as fine as the Italian Cloister in which we perform, and littered with the detritus of a function, most likely a wedding, still yielded up some pieces that fed the Faustus that is in me.

A shame there was no practical way to use pieces of this space.  Mayhap we should catch a pic or two there before strike . . .


Just one more of the awesome nooks and crannies that make up the DAI.  How lucky I've been to play in this beautiful space.

I'll miss the marble for sure.

I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my dads before heading to Dayton for the weekend. If anyone would like to connect, please let me know.  Tempus Fugit!

Also, keep your eyes open for livestreaming possibilities.  I will too.  Particularly final Sundays at 1p EST (7/21 FAUSTUS, 8/11 TEMPEST)

(Pssst.  Go here: and subscribe, then you'll get a notice when I do!)


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make us strange stuffe.

As you may have noticed, yesterday's show as cancelled due to heat.

We all sure lucked out on that one.  Our booked ticket holders will attend on other days and we didn't get to the cloister until 6 to begin blocking TEMPEST.  As you can see below it was still pretty dang bright out and I can tell you it was still hot!

We got through blocking the beginning of the play and started to see how the puppets would interact in this piece.

Brian has some great ideas and the opening will be more than fine.  Can't wait to share it with you.

Cam tries out the Ariel Mock-Up as Mathys looks on

Brian directs Anita as Miranda as Tristan looks on 

JJ Parkey joins the cast as Prospero 
as Brian walks away, 
Anita sleeps as Miranda 
and Tristan's leg looks on 

The rest of my night was spent catching up on long overdue things and generally staying up too late only to be wakened by the sound of someone dragging metal on the road.  I will kill the "landscapers" in Valle Greene before the summer is done.  Mark my words.

Hope to see some of you at FAUSTUS today.  This play hardly *ever* gets produced.  And I'm the man.

But if not in the next four days do remember I'll livestream the show (as best I can) on Sunday @ 1pm EST.

Contact me directly for details.

Now more tomatoes and sugar.  (Ketchup)


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This Just In! **Today's show cancelled due to heat** That only leaves you 4 shows to see!

That's right folks.

The management at Zoot is concerned about your well-being, so if you were planning to see the show today, you'll want to re-schedule for Th or Fri at 7p or Sat or Sun at 1p.

Contact me directly if you have any questions.



You do cram these words into mine ears against the stomache of my sense . . .

Strange night friends.

I went to bed around midnight (after an inordinately long day) and went right to sleep, which many of you know is fairly rare for me.  I slept hard until about 2am and then I was awake until what must've been 5am. Then I slept until a reasonable time.

I couldn't stop thinking about talk shows, but what specifically I couldn't tell you.  Regardless I'm a little pooped, but I do feel strangely rested.  We'll see how long that lasts.

Why was yesterday so busy you might ask?

Well let me tell you.

I was up early (pre 8a - ick) and did my regular help-out of my bro in Cincy and though it wasn't nearly as humid as last week, we were still soaked through by the time we stopped in the early afternoon.  And there seemed to be more stairs involved somehow.

E'en so, we're getting a lot done.  See?

No rest for the wicked.  No peace for the damned. 

Following that we stopped by a post office for some errands, which of course had no functioning computers at the time.  I did buy some boxes.  Hard to believe I'm already planning to send things back west . . .

Tom had to go feed the menagerie whilst I opened and closed hundreds of DVD cases (don't ask) and then we ate some meat salads.  On the way to check in to some Sinclair business for Tom we stopped by Zoot so I could be fitted for my Caliban rig (below) - pretty nifty, eh?

I can't wait to see it covered.  It's going to be a *monster*!  ; )

Regardless, we finally got back to our folks' house and I finally, finally, finally got a shower.  That not only felt great, but improved my mood tremendously.

I prepared food for today's very long day (show a.m./rehearsal p.m.) and ran FAUSTUS so I'd be ready for the audience today.  Then I worked as much of TEMPEST as my brain would hold before passing out as noted above.

Maybe I'll see some of you on the boards, eh?

Back to the salt mines . . .


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Donor Brag and "Dark" Day

What a rare treat!  I haven't gotten to do a donor brag in a while!

I got to have lunch at Milano's with my dear friends Brian McKnight and Master Joey Bates.

Joey was my singing teacher at Wright State and he taught me how to control my natural (and admittedly) wild gifts from the time I was about 18 to the time I was about 22.  He's one of a great group of teachers who helped shape me as a young artist.  In the following years Joey has continued to teach, music direct and has become a Master Teacher in the Fitzmaurice technique.

And he's still a jolly fella eh?

Three things always stand out to me about my relationship with Joey.  He doesn't put up with my bullshit, ever.  In fact, he doesn't expect anyone to put up with bullshit.  Ever. He's also wickedly funny.  Always has been.  But his most salient quality is that Joey is incredibly caring though I'd put his personal style down to tough love.  He's saved more than a few folks from deliberate self-destruction.

It was extremely kind of him to chip in for the Sojourn at this late date and I was surprised and humbled. Also nice as I try to get the new lines in my old brain.

Joey then sent Brian and I to the new Much Ado About Nothing.   Eh.  All I can say about that is: "Learning your lines is not enough."  Oy.

Now I'm to do my Tuesday with Tommy.  *yawn*

Late y'all!


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Monday, July 15, 2013

Really Off

With the exception of some petty passive aggression clumsily and transparently masquerading as righteous indignation, I thought the show went well.  Again, small but enthusiastic house.

And to be fair this is what the dressing room looked like yesterday.

We're all knackered and we all handle stress differently.  And we all know that the TEMPEST is on the horizon.  I think having an actual dark day (though one certain to be rife with memorization) is a really good thing.  Plus we were granted an additional reprieve on Tuesday night.  Whew!

Oh and if you haven't seen a Summer Series show yet and you have any interest in my work particularly, FAUSTUS is the one to see.  It really kind of is about me.  It's dark and it's a thinker, but I talk *alot* - so try to have a gander and though I have no comps please ask me directly about Tweet seats to ease the sticker shock a bit.

Really.  I'd love to see you there and you only have 5 more chances to catch this one.  Walk-ups welcome!

Now to work . . .

: )


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Sunday, July 14, 2013


It's hard to believe today's show will be the end of our first week of performances.  What a whirlwind!

Zoot held auditions and so Mathys played with all the puppets that were left n our green room after.  He really liked this little creep.

Tom and Stacey reported liking the show and then we stopped in the discovery room (or something to that effect) and found this neat-o piece.  The DAI is really full of some cool stuff.  Come early to a show and have a walkabout.  You'll love it.

The Butterflies MOVE!!!

After that I basically took the day off and got some quality time with Tommy and Alice and later with Lindsay and Mike.  And to a lesser extent Bobscratch Goldfarb, Bill Hicks, Sexy Baby, The Other F Word, Nick Rivers et. al. and the interwebs.

Ultimately I'll regret and complain about that decision, but it was nice to have some time to just kick it.



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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Macklemore would not stop shopping in my head this morning so I finally just got out of bed.

Yesterday was spent seeing if my brain would accept any new information in the way of memorizing TEMPEST for another quick turn-around.  I was moderately successful, but there's much to do.

I think I mostly have the Boatswaine down, but that's not very impressive as he only has about 6 lines. I got stuck on Alonzo as Alonzo got stuck in my head and I didn't even start on Caliban.  Oy.  Regardless, I am very much looking forward to starting work on this really great play.  I think JJ's arrival will be helpful too as new blood will stir the pot a little.

Admittedly everyone in the series is a little burned out and some tempers have been flaring off and on for the last week.  I inadvertently got involved in a flare-up myself yesterday.  I hope it passes soon as silly theatre grudges can make an already uncomfortable situation unbearable.  I'll do my best.

Cam seems to know how to let the stress go.  *Jealous*

Pre-Show 7/12/13

I was also heartened by finding these instructions backstage.  Perhaps if we all mounted our units we'd feel better about the world, eh?  Or maybe the Troubleshooting would help. 

After the show I got a lift to the FSD trailer and spent a pleasant evening watching Pitch Perfect with The Gunn family.  (Much funnier than anticipated though a sequel is a terrible choice.  Just sayin'.)  It's never dull around that house as Charlotte the Spider Girl so aptly demonstrates below.

After the kids went to bed we watched Hot and Fluffy and drifted off to dreamland.

The family went to a swim meet today.  I'm getting ready to go back to the DAI for show #4.  I hope to see some of you there.  I mean really.  Come on.  It's Saturday the 13th.  What else are you doing?  Hmmmm?

The next Friday the 13th will likely be more important for me, but that's in the future and we'll burn that bridge when we're jumping off of it.


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Friday, July 12, 2013

3 for 3

Yesterday was slow and easy, just the way I like it.

Didn't do much during the day though I got some time with the folks and learned about the ULFBEHRT on a Nova station.  If you're a historty buff it's worth a look.  Plus my dad showed me this awesome ring his father had.  Crazy, right?

The weather was perfect.  The audience was small but engaged and we had a nice time doing FAUSTUS if that's even sensical.

After the show some of the usual suspects met at TJ Chumps where I was reminded of a local business name that always made me smile.

Then we hit up Chapter II for a moment before catching Cam's friend's band at One Eyed Jack's where we also played the world's worst game of pool and threw us some darts.

                                                                              Victoria "holds" Cam's drink

I was maybe out a little later than I should have been, but it was a nice night and it felt like summer.

Oh and I drunk dialed a bunch of people, in Chicago mostly.  At least the time change was in the right direction for once eh?  Sorry y'all . . .


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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What art thou second?

If you check out the show you'll know to what the title refers.  Or I suppose if you're a Marlowe scholar or theatre geek?

Regardless, today is our second show and the birthin' day of my brother Tom.  I hope it's a good'un sir! : D

Opening was again, sweaty, and my new "arm" worked pretty well.  It was nice to get have a run with people to witness, but I've gotta say it's a thinker of a piece and most of my view is the side of the Dr.'s face so it is hard to gauge exactly what's going on the other side of the footlights as it were.

You'll all have to let me know what you think about it!

Victoria, Mathys, Cameron and I went to the Oregon Express after opening and watched a helluva rain storm, flickering lights and discussed what we might do if there's a centennial anniversary of the 1913 calamity.  (!)

Then Miss Sutton gave me a lift home, only slightly damper than I was post-show, as she left her passenger side window down during the downpour.  D'oh!

I was interviewed by the Muse Machine as a former alum and then had dinner with my folks at Ye Olde Trail Tavern, one of my perennially favorite places in my old home town.

After getting back home I vegged out in front of some really stupid T.V. and then did some reading.  It was a nice quiet evening and one I think I needed.  And for the record Kaitlin Olson?  Not funny.

I hope today is as restful before I am once again compelled to give my soul for my cunning . . .


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

. . . begin to sound the depth of that thou wilt profess . . .

What a sweaty, busy, eventful and (ultimately) productive day yesterday!

It started off late as we had to wish a Happy 40th to my brother Tom.  (His natal day is actually Thursday, but we ambushed him before Tom and I went off to work in Cincy in the a.m. He suspected nothing!  Ha HA!)

                                             He's pretty happy to get those black-wrapped over-the-hill prezzies!

Then after I made us wild-goose chase an errand that became moot we worked in the heat for several hours, before he took me back to the DAI for Tech # 3.

We got through about half of the play before the sky opened up and turned the Cloister into a soupy mess.

                                                                 Striking the un-(as-yet)rain-proofed Heaven box . . .

Luckily it stopped so we could finish the first run before jumping directly into a second.  Boy was I whooped.

I got some notes from our Artistic Director, D. T. Cupp and then he and I talked while he worked on a slight costume adjustment I'll explore tomorrow at opening. Always keep 'em guessing!

                                                                                 "Oh black stuff on my hands!" 
                                                                                  - yes Ladies and Gentlemen, 
                                                                                Tristan even has fun with dye -
                                                                              well, genius don't come cheap! : D

I'm keen to see how people respond to this show.  It's an odd one to perform in bright sunlight, but the Elizabethans did it, so we should be able to pull it off I should think!

I had a few other hiccups today (an extra special thanks to SPMdL for his assistance today!) and I ended the evening with a long call to my friend, confidante and artistic (life) confessor, and then I wearily crawled into bed to prepare for our early call tomorrow.  Whew.

Let's break things eh?  Today is our second Opening after all.  Can I get a ZOOT?!?


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tech # 2

Yesterday was spent with my script and a lot of time with the good doctor in front of the mirror.  I think it paid dividends, but there is also much room for growth which should keep the run interesting to say the least.

I printed a new page for what Brian is calling the Last Rites in our show and it helped tremendously to get rid of the visual noise of old notes as we crafted this piece.  I like it.  It's spooky.  Even in broad daylight.

Here's the sound cue I tried to post yesterday and it's scary enough as it is.  Make sure and stop by.  Check out the show.  I think you'll like it.

We also got some missing props and our ponchos  Most of my issues tonight were with those new pieces and figuring out just how they work in the context of the show.  Looking forward to the fixes on those tomorrow . . .

Not sure if my new headgear is helping or hurting in keeping my hood in place, but it is keeping my hair from frizzing out too badly.

                                                                                                  Sup yo?

We only ran the show once but it was solid, so we worked some specific notes and called it a night.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I retain for this evenings run(s) and then to you audience type folks on Wednesday!  *bites nails*

Almost open!  : D


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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tech #1

I had a bit of lie in yesterday morning and then made my way to rehearsal in the cloister.

On the way I found this sign and it made me giggle.  I've never seen loitering enforced.

We had two solid runs and worked some scenes and I found all the holes I have to try to fill over the next couple of days.

After a quick bite at Lucky's with Brian and Cam I turned in fairly early and had a restless night full of 50's tunes, strange vistas and a melange of lines, jumbled, out-of-order and fighting for the top spot in my consciousness.  I'm not sure who won.

I'm weary but I'm ready to do what I can.

Wish me luck!


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Sunday, July 7, 2013

O how this cheers my soul!

The day started off with impressive rains.  It's hard to capture, but you can see the view as we readied for rehearsal.  It was a strong enough downpour that I had to cover the good doctor so he wouldn't melt away between the car and the studio.

Once inside we had a long, sweaty, productive work session before two runs.  Then we had a cast function hosted by Mr. Sticka wherein we got to see Juliet and Kelsey though Andrew didn't make it.  It felt like we hadn't seen them in so long so it was nice to catch up.

Following a rollickin fun gathering I crashed with a friend and we talked long into the night.

Now I'm revving up for a tech and (likely another) two run day.

I'm getting excited for people to see this show!  Hope you can make it!


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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Town & Country

Actually that's a terrible title, but let me get back to that.

Friday was another rainy day, but a productive one.  I spent it handling personal matters with the help of Master McKnight and my parents.  Then we had another good visit with the NorCal Hardings before they headed West.  It was a nice surprise to see them once more before they departed.

I then spent some time working with the Dr. in a mirror and trying out a sound cue that *almost* works.

[And I would share some with you if the F^#!ng WeVideo didn't suck so much ass!  Arrrggh!]

The design for this show is more elaborate than the last and I think it will serve the production nicely.

In the evening I managed to finally meet up with my good friend Liz Williamson, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Aiken Center for the Arts.  She and I have been friends since our WSU days and, as Liz is a traveler, I've had the chance to see her several times in my many habitats.

Her year has been as eventful as mine and as she's leaving soon to move to South Carolina we were intent to  catch up.  It just so happened she came to Dayton on a First Friday and we had kind of randomly selected the Oregon District as a place to go last night.

We parked and then checked out the food truck rally across from Gilly's before running into the Reverend Tommy Gunn busking with the kids.  Then we ambled over to Lily's Bistro and checked out the food from my high school buddy, Executive Chef, Mariah Gahagan. Yum yum!  Check it out people!

Following that Liz and I wandered around checking out old and new haunts saying hello to Tommmy, Alice and the kids, running into Gary Leitzell and his fam before dipping in the Trolley Stop.  At Therapy Cafe we ran into a DJ from our (but especially Liz's) Asylum days.

Before the hip hop night got in full swing and made it impossible to talk at a reasonable volume Liz and I had a drink, which made me think of the stupid title of this blog.

Stupid only because both Liz and I are urban enthusiasts, though you can see she is far classier than me!  Leather & Lace maybe or the Beast & Beauty.  I dunno.  What do you think Liz?  How should we best be categorized?

After Therapy we stopped at the Southern Belle for a bit (one of my favorite spots in Dayton) and it looks like there's a cool spot that's going to open next door.  Our last stop was at Newcom's, a bar Liz said she frequented in college, though it's demeanor had changed and the whiff of piss when we walked in the door was overwhelming enough to drive us to the patio into the arms of a very drunk clientele, impressively so at 12:30am.  Come on Dayton, hold your liquor!  : D

That was all a backdrop for us catching up and we had a good visit.  I'm sorry we won't get many more opportunities to hook up this summer, but the Party Planner and I will always find a way to keep in touch.  Buona Fortuna on all your new adventures young lady!

Now it's off to a couple of long rehearsals.  Yay!

Hope your Saturday is productive as well!


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Friday, July 5, 2013

2 in a Row!

Yesterday was filled with food, family, and rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  So much rain in fact that Y.S. cancelled their fireworks display and obviously I didn't go.  It's rainy enough today that I think it might not happen tonight either.  I'll keep my ear to the ground though.  It could happen.

Besides, I have my second day "off" in a row.

Yesterday was restful for every part of me but my stomach which was groaning after all the good eats we had!  Thanks Dad, Ray and Tom for being the Grillmaster.

Even though Yellow Springs had no fireworks, I did get to experience one of the fringe benefits of being at Winona.  We sat in the driveway and watched the Fairborn version! (Until we got rained out of course.) : D

Tommy and I also watched Saints Misbehavin', a fantastic doc about one of those (mostly) unsung heroes - at least one that never crossed my radar: Mr. Wavy Gravy.  If you're a decent human and you don't know anything about this fella, maybe check out this doc!  What a great patriotic thing to see yesterday.  Seriously.

I hope your 4th was as much fun!


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