Saturday, August 10, 2013

I will stand to and feed

Friday consisted of errands with my pops.

Here's an obligatory picture of the lunch we procured from Kroger's.  Heh.

Late in the afternoon we attended a screening of Red 2 and then we dashed to Dewey's for a pizza (carryout) after I realized I had convinced myself I had a much later call than I did. Thanks to Dayton traffic lights I was 5 minutes late or I might've squeaked in.

I wasn't really feeling the show last night and I got a ride home and then got anti-social. Getting sucked into the interwebs kept me up a bit longer than I had intended, but new friends'll do that to ya.

Also getting ready to shove off . . . 3 months in. Wow.

Perhaps today will be more interesting for you my dear readers. Time will tell . . .


Funding:                100.3%
Days in Ohio:         90
Today is sponsored by Beth Popelka and Jennifer "Bubbles" Parker

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