Friday, August 2, 2013

Hometown Charm (or Good Things Come in Threes)

Went to the Greene County Fair Fair Fair with my Dads Dads Dads.  Had fun fun fun.

Here's some things that we saw ate did:

Fair Smorgasbord!

 Midwestern Fried Stuff!

Too on the nose?!?

4H Rockets! 

 4H Dogpile Project! 

 4H Lllama Obstacle Course! 

 4H Lllamas! 

Shoot 'em up!

Got mad at the bank bank bank and shook my fist fist fist.  More to do on that.

Did a show show show. People clapped and liked it so, we went to the Trolley Stop and MJs Karaoke then some bastardy and night night night . . .

What's with all the Llamas?  And I don't mean Lorezno!

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