Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank You and Good Night!

I spent much of yesterday recovering from the previous evening's Northside hijinks. Woof.

Beautiful day though. Check out the sky. And the tracks. Mmmm

Once I got it together I made my way to Belmont and as I was a touch early I stopped by the Alley and got some (unfortunately ill-fitting) socks. Beers and bottles of beer on the wall.

I headed straight for the bar at Cesar's and ordered a Mega Margarita. I was soon joined by Shelly Brewster and we talked about old times until Laura showed up and then we talked about everything under the sun over dinner and more Margaritas. Yum!

We should have tipped stronger, but I didn't realize we'd been comped a couple of 'ritas til we were already on our way to Clark and Wisconsin.

We got there early and talked up Mr. Crowley behind the bar while Chris the Karaoke master set up his rig.

There were some characters in the bar and at least half of them belonged to us. : )

We were visited by Mr. Morphis and many current or former Q employees. We also had the pleasure of singing with Matt Roben, Ellen, Kiel and we all got onstage alot.

 Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack!

Costumes for the K-Rock

And we met the owner of Drop, who was awesome and generous. We got comped some stuff and basically brought the party.

Good times.

I found this morning that I didn't have to run the errand I thought I might so after a lovely late breakfast at Anne Sather I'm headed into what I hope will mostly be a low-key day/evening before I head back West.

Ay yi yi!


Funding:                114.6%
Days in Chicago:   14
Days Away:          108
Today is sponsored by Steve Haskin

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