Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mom Day 2

I had my first near asthma attack in years cleaning the crap out of the dryer tube and sweeping the basement. I also moved a bunch of stuff from all over the house. Man I'm pooped. Thankfully Sis and I had a chance to run out for some things and I got me some beer.

This is all the recycle and donation stuff we put together today. More happened but it was mainly shifting type things, so this is what you get to see. Exciting, huh?

I've also been considering how quickly I'll be out of the Land of Drincoln and I'd sure like to see ya if I haven't and if I have, I'd sure like to see ya again. So let me tell what I've got in mind. These are all ideas, unless I've put them in Bold Face. If they're bold then they're happening and I'd love for you to join me for some or for all. Do what ya can.

And if ya don't have my number (it's been the same since 1999!) please message me directly and I'll pass it along!

: D

8/21 - 22:   Finishing up with the fam in L-I-T-H! Then back to the G's!

8/23:           Hanging Out with Mauloff! Learning how to sell BEER! Friday night? Hmmmm . . .

8/24:           Happy #Birthday Dr. Funkywheels! Who am I gonna see, huh? 

8/25:           Today I might Hang Out in Uptown, maybe I'll go to to Strange Cargo and stuff, anybody interested? Carol's, Etc.

8/26:            Happy #Birthday Lil' Sarah!  What shall we do?  Might stop by Dick's Last Resort to see Snidely Bareback, could do this another day . . .

8/27:             7 - 9p    Dinner @ Cesar's!  Come see me!
                     9p - 2a  Costume Karaoke @ Drop.  New Venue! New friends!  Do stop by!

8/28:             6 - 8p     Pete's Barbershop for to gussy up a bit . . . 
                     8 - 10p   Dinner at Chicago Q

8/29:             Perhaps I will visit Evanston? Could do this another day . . . ?
                     I fly out of Midway at 5:15p. Anyone wanna drive me me out mid-afternoon and kiss me goodbye? *bats eyelashes*

This is where I am right now. Things might change. There are so many possibilities. If it ain't bold, make a suggestion. Let's get together or it may be a LONG time before I'm back.

Just sayin' . . .

: D


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Days in Chicago:   7
Days Away:          101
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