Thursday, August 29, 2013

Later On

Hard to believe I've been gone for 109 days. Harder to believe I'm going back to Cali today.

Yesterday was nice and easy.

After breakfast I got the chance to check out Pete's Barber Shop. I got a trim and some Beard Oil. Here's some of the swag Pete has adorning the place.

I probably should've taken more pix but I was too interested in beer and convo with my old pal.

I decided to head back the G's and decide what to do next. I ended up scrapping plans to go to Q and see Ben as many people had ducked out for various reasons and got an unexpected nap in for my trouble. That was nice.

I did go meet Pete and Amber on the patio of the Orbit Room and Steve, happening to be in town for a show, stopped by and hung out, as did Ben. I felt better about ditching dinner and ultimately lunch today because of it.

And it was exactly the kind of low-key "see ya wouldn't wanna be ya" that I had hoped for before leaving.

Thanks folks!

I'm gonna run a few more errands with the G's before the little one heads out to the burbs for Sheetal's wedding prep and then I'm gonna hit Flight # 461 Southwest 5:15pm  MDWY to LAX and I'll be back in the arms of heat by 7:30p tonight.



Funding:                114.6%
Days in Chicago:    15
Days Away:           109
Today travel is underwritten by Loyana Maria Garcia Vodicka

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