Monday, August 5, 2013

Long Lazy Day

After Saturday night's fun (hey you got pictures at least!) I slept in late and made my way to the show.  I was graced with the Reverend Tommy Gunn, Tom and Stacey and the Fletchers (parents to a dear friend of mine who is in L.A. but will be back here for a film festival after I've gone to Chicago). Bummer.

Fayrene also attended with her niece Stella and I had the pleasure to lunch with them after the show at Lucky's in the Oregon. We were European in our pace and enjoyed a long lunch with winding conversation and then I got the chance to see some of Fayrene's new paintings.

She's on a to a new period combining 2 and 3-D concepts and Realism and Surrealism in bright colors. I like them a lot, but more importantly she's painting prolifically. I'm grateful she shared them with me.

She gave me a lift home and we sat and chatted with my folks for a bit before she took off.  Then I watched BREAKING BAD. A lot of it. And I'll probably finish it (such as it is - 8 episodes - Oy! Fuck you David Chase for setting that precedent) today.

I also have other errands, but we are really and truly off today. *contented sigh*

Remember you only have 5 chances left to see the TEMPEST and, indeed, the inaugural Zoot Summer Series cast in action.

See you soon - I hope!


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