Saturday, August 3, 2013

Naps, Beers and BBQ

After a restless night on the couch and many drexts and a late-night phone call or two I got up and watched the workshop production of GUARDING GOLD STREET featuring music by Sean Michael Flowers and performances by Sara Mackie and Kay Bosse among others. I was glad I got the chance to see it as our shows conflict with theirs. Good work all.

Then Bri and I cashed our checks at the horrible downtown Wright-Patt and had Smokin' BBQ for lunch.

I got Rib Tips. Yum!

I managed a quick nap and then met Tristan at Jeff Heater's bar-to-be, the up and coming Barrel House. For craft beer enthusiasts, it's gonna be a neat place. It's a fine location and I think will add a lot to Dayton's night life scene. I can't wait to see it open.

We were concerned that the show might get rained out, but we made it through with a solid run and then Bri and I visited with my folks for a bit. Nice night.

I didn't sleep well, but I drum some interesting things for an idea that has been burbling in my brain's back room, so I hope I'll nap again today before the show - if the weather holds . . .


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