Monday, August 19, 2013

Singles Mixer

I started yesterday with a mission to satisfy my craving for Jimmy John's. Even though they put onions on the Gargantuan after I asked them not to do so, it was nice to cram that big sandwich in my gob. On the way back I saw this fun little shop. I just liked the artwork.

After Tony and I ate and got prettified we took the Irving bus to California and then didn't find a cab so walked down to Wellington. A slight tactical error, but we did pass Hot Doug's, a Chicago institution (closed on Sundays) and made our way down to the Orbit Room.

We met Brigitte and Brian there (who had been waiting for a bit too long - sorry guys) and had one last little Hang Out before Brian headed back to Ohio. I hope I'll catch Brigitte again before I go. Later Mr. Wizard.

Ain't we cute?

Tony got a Big Kahuna (kind of an alcoholic Arnold Palmer) but he said it wasn't that great. He did like the Hurricane and he does look good with tchotchkes in his drinks I thinks.

We had gone there to meet Pete and Amber as they were hosting a Pete's Barber Shop / Twisted Scissors Singles Mixer. I helped hand out name tags and talked a lot of shit. It was a lot fun. Tony left soon after I was joined by Mr. Morphis.

Ben had hyped me to a show at Quencher's and after a quick walk, bus and stop in at the Bob Inn, we met several of his friends at the bar. I missed the first two acts but I really quite liked the Bomb Sawyers and Old Grand Dad (Ben's friends pictured below).

Fun roots, rockabilly, early rock and bop act. Very talented. Check 'em out if you get the chance.

Ben also decided to throw in for the cause at this late date sponsoring one of the lonely days and bringing up the sponsorship percentage. (Only three blank days left!) So cool!  Thanks brother.

I am imminently headed Northwest to visit my Mom and fam in the deep 'burbs. I'll be back this weekend.

Check ya then squares!


Funding:                111.75%
Days in Chicago:   5    
Days Away:          99     
Today is sponsored by Alyssa Larson and Sommer McGuire

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