Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deep in the Heart of the Northwest 'Burbs! (L-I-T-H!)

Hey friends!

I saw the G kids off to their jobs yesterday morning and took care of a California call that needed doing before catching the Harvard line to Crystal Lake on the Metra. I love the Metra. Even with stupids playing music too loud or talking to much, it's a comfortable ride. So comfortable I almost feel guilty they didn't remember to charge me for my ride out.


And I got this snap just as we landed in Crystal Lake. Yep.

Come at me Voorhees!

After running a few me-related errands (airbed, food, etc.) with my Ma and Lil Sis, I got to Melbourne Place and started working on my Ma's Honey-Do list. I've lifted a lot already, we'll see what else I can accomplish in the next couple of days. Here are the results of Day One, but, to be fair, mostly cause it was trash day.

: D

After a good day's (well afternoon's) work and a good meal we played a few board games and talked a bit.

It feels good to help out. We'll see how I feel after tonight after a full day of doin' stuff.

Wish me luck!


Funding:                111.75%
Days in Chicago:   6
Days Away:          100
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