Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kid Sister and Me!

Not a whole helluva lot happened yesterday, but what did was awesome.

I had a little alone time as the G's went off to do laundries and then it was time to get to the show. We took the buss up to Foster and then we caught a vancab. It was a terrifying break-happy ride, but we got there in style.

Check it.

We let Tony get into call and then Lil Sarah and I got him some liquids so he'd be all good for his final performance which by all accounts went very well! : )

Sarah and I decided to go to La Fonda for dinner. Highly recommended Colombian spot. The weather was still beautiful and we sat outside and caught up. I hadn't had the chance for any one one one time with her so it was a great long dinner and then a walkabout of Andersonville. In fact we walked so much that by the time we were back near Steep, the show had just closed.

We had been invited to hang out, so that's what we did. Sarah's throat was a little scratchy so she headed out early but Tony and I stayed and remained confused about the Steep game "Beer Die," perhaps I was the only one confused, but there wasn't nearly enough drinking involved. Heh.

You'll have to ask them.

We hung out and enjoyed the hospitality of that group and I met even more gracious, talented folks. I really like that company.

Then we made it back to Old Irving and talked a bit more shit on the porch before finally calling it and turning in.

Now I'm going to satisfy my craving for Jimmy John's. One way or another.



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