Friday, August 9, 2013


Yesterday was a good day. There was weather. Lots and lots of weather. Thunder. Rain.

So much so that we were all certain the show would be cancelled. And rain it did.

This was before the show. Notice how well the rain photographed. Rare. Awesome.

The hanging gutters, or Rain Chains, in the Cloister looked particularly neat and you can see how much was coming down as the top couldn't handle the load of water running through it.

Truly beautiful though.

One more for good measure.

The good news is we somehow got lucky enough (again) that the rain stopped in time for us to do the whole show. And it was a fun sort've a manic run as we all hadn't been expecting to do it. Great crowd. New discoveries. Wet ground.

What more could you ask for in an outdoor theatre?  : D

Well hopefully that we'll get through the rest of the weekend without incident . . .

Michael and Sara came up from Cincy to see the show so I was particularly happy we didn't get rained out. They're off to Vegas for the weekend and they wouldn't have been able to catch it again, but they did and they were some of those rare folks who saw all three shows this summer.

Thank you!

Brian and I went to Milano's with them, had a bite and we talked for a long time. I'm glad I've seen so much of those friends this summer. It's been a gift.

Now the sun is actually coming out of this morning's latest deluge and I'm feeling grateful to see it. That's the beauty of weather in the end. The passage of time. The thankfulness for something new that I don't always get when the desert sun is incessantly beating down on me.

A good storm is a generator of grace.

Now I'm ready to see what today will bring. I hope you are as well.



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