Thursday, August 1, 2013


Seeing as it is the first day of August, that is the the first day of the last month of the SSSS, I thought I might talk a little bit about #s before talking about yesterday's opening.

First off I'm in a better mood.  *phew*

As I said, it's August 1st. That means, at best, I'll be in Ohio for 15 days, just over 2 weeks more.

In that time you have 9 more opportunities to watch Zoot's very interesting Summer Series, this time in the form of the TEMPEST.

That's me on the left as the Goddess Juno! Yeah! : D

For all of you who have been swearing you'll make it, please do. Our Saturdays are even 7p now!  Yay! And I think you'll have a good time to boot.

So 9 days of shows in the next 15. Tweet seats are 50% off. Check with me if you wanna know about that.

Today I'm spending time with my folks, which I will continue to do, until/unless some of these outstanding Hang Outs are claimed. Please claim them. (I'd also like to see you friendly friends in general . . . let me know when/where is a good place for you . . .)

As of today, 8/6 and 8/13 are blocked out, I have a lunch on 8/4 and a closing event on 8/11. That means I still have lots of time. Accounting for shows, calls and sleep, I'd say I have about 80 hours open for Hanging Out before I leave town. 

That will fall by many hours daily (at least 7), so put in your bids!  

This is the last time I'll mention it here, but I'd sure like to make good on my commitments as I don't know how long it will be I get back here to the Buckeye State for any considerable amount of time. Of course you're all welcome to visit me in the 'Weird. For serious. Or meet me in Vegas this October . . .

For those of you in Chicago, I expect to be rolling into town in the evening of 8/15. I'll mostly be bunking in Old Irving Park at the G House. 

I will be with family in the deep Northwest Suburbs from 8/19 - 22 and with Master Mauloff in the not-so-deep suburbs during the day on 8/23.  I've also planned to attend an event in Logan Square in the afternoon on 8/18.  

I fly out in the evening on 8/29.

So if you'd like to claim me or have a sleep-over or have me meet you somewhere during my free days, please let me know and I'll get you on the calendar.  (If you're a donor, you've already got the link! If you want the link, ask for it!)

As of now I expect to be mostly Northsiding it on 8/16 and 17 and I'm open the evening of 8/23 (I think) and 8/24 until I leave on 8/29.  Let's get together!

If you'd still like to be a donor, I can still use a boost or two as we approach the end of the summer, particularly if you indicated you might. I'm also happy to take in-kind donations, so let me know.

Now for yesterday. We opened. We're awesome. Prospero has more in common with Faustus then we ever knew. His head fell off and JJ did the whole show in two pieces. Trooper. 

Headless P

. . . familiar weapons . . .

Following the show I helped stuff Build-a-Puppet letters in the Zoot Administrative Office. It felt good to do something useful and I got to hang with JJ (Michael was in meeting mode) and then the nice young fella drove me home.

The dads had a dinner so I got a big hunk of slow-cooked beef and a nice chunk of alone time.

Perhaps that's why I feel better.

Looking forward to the show tonight and maybe some high jinks after . . . literally . . . heh . . .


Funding:                110.3%
Days in Ohio:         81
Today is sponsored by Andy Wibbels, Inc. and Shing Khor

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