Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Four-Four Forty-Seven %


We are so close to the half-way mark I can taste it!

Thanks y'all!

And who, you may be asking yourself, were the most recent folks to push up a couple of percent?

Well, I tell ya!

Carrie Thurston: was a student in the Design & Technology Department when I attended WSU.   Although I'm certain we worked on many of the same projects, I'd be hard pressed to tell you the number or the names.  Perhaps we can figure it out when I see her in Dayton this summer, eh Carrie?

Laura Johnson is one of a select group of my friends who makes their livings saving lives.

I bow to these folks.

Though I think the Arts are a vital part of society that must be funded and used to improve the quality of life, these are the people who make sure those lives are intact and flourishing so Art can be enjoyed.

Laura is an Oncology Nurse and makes life or death decisions every day.  As such, she knows how to have fun when she's off the clock. 

She is very active with the Breast Cancer Angels in Long Beach. 

Thank you for all you do Laura!

I can't wait to see what the weekend brings . . .



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