Thursday, August 8, 2013



Yep.  I'm a little slow on the draw today, but I am enjoying the thunder immensely. Back in the trailer after a wonderful yesterday.

Had a good show where I've reached the heights of sloth; it is after all the mother of invention and I endeavored to see just how much I could pile on the sound cart before setting stage right yesterday. Right? Hmm. Not sure how to qualify it. The not SM side of the stage. Whatever.

See my picture?

So so lazy. But I was yacht rocking it in my Boatswaine hat. Don't get jealous. I'll go to your party. Sheesh.

After strike, I headed to the Westside and had a few moments with the Nealeighs before heading to Blind Bob's (or Blob's as the locals call it) and I met fist with Tristan, then Juliet dropped by, then Mr. Heater, then McKnight, then Alan, then Tuesday and Minks, then Risa.  A lot of great folks, but the biggest surprise of the night was the arrival of the one and only Tim Judge!

He looks great don't he?

Tim was the TD for WSU's Theatre Department when I was at school and he still is. He's one of those backbone staffers that really keeps things rolling the way they need to be. He does great work, he cares about the students and he's just a really punny, nice guy. My kind of guy. It was awesome to get to catch up with him.

He said he'd drop by for an hour and stayed for three, so I think we all had a good visit.

Great to see you Tim!

Most of the group filtered out at different times, but I had not realized Wednesday was the K-Rock night. The song choices sucked but I closed the place down and had a few late night adventures with some folks I met through Tuesday/Minks. It also turns out Minks used to work the door at Canal Street and has a copy of 13 Drinking Songs. Who knew?

Nice to see so many of you and to meet the new ones. Especially you Anthony with that *ahem* astonishing rendition of MY WAY we attempted. Yikes.

Needles to sew, it was a good evening and I just had my afternoon appointment cancel so I'm gonna listen to the thunder for a bit and enjoy the stillness.

4 more days of TEMPEST . . .


Funding:                 110.3%
Days in Ohio:         88
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