Sunday, August 25, 2013


Oh my my my. Yestergay was Fabuloso! Ay Papi!

In the a.m. the G's made breakfast using Sarah's gluten-free mixer which trapped me in a corner for some time. But it was worth the breakies. Yum yum!

Then we all got it together to ride the bus over to the Jewels. I bought a bucket of wings and beers and stuff. The G's got snacks and liquids and ices. We caught another bus and made it to the USGAY CroGAY party at Winnemac Park! Yeah!

Ultimately I didn't manage to play but saw many good old friends and met many new and drank in a nearly empty beautiful park a few blocks from Matty's house. Great day!

Great group of people!

Cool ass croquet mallets!

Super funs!

Michael Henry and Dr. Funkywheels!

Lil G on the FlAG!

After drinking we made a pit stop at Matty's house before heading to Garcia's in Lincoln Square for mucho Margaritas and good fundido. Some of the same company! Some others. The G's (ironically) went out to celebrate Sarah's incoming birthday, but I missed it. Sorry kids.

Big 20 top table!

Birthday snot! I mean, flan! Ick.

After dinner (which was well-served and well-priced if not all that delicious) we hit up Huttenbar across the street and had a few drinks and I doled out a few ass-slaps at the request of our birthday queen. He even got a little sparkly lip-gloss for his troubles. Pretty Princess Funkywheels!

A small cadre made it back to Homo Sweet Homo and rocked out to Matty's new bluetooth speakers until the girls had to go and we left our hostess thusly, setting alarms so she could get to the church on time!

I think it was a good birthday for him.

I was glad to be there.

Hameen and I headed back to the G's and had some Subway and some convo with the G's when they got back. We all finally got to capacity sleepy and conked out.

This partially explains why I'm so late in getting this blog out.

Please forgive. Or just accept. It's really just easier that way.

Oh and if you're in Chi and want to catch up with me over the next few day, check this out and show up or see if we can schedule some other time together.

I've got the same cell number I've had since 1999.  Use it.


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