Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Friday. It must be Naperville. [Mauloff/Elsen Hang Out]

It sure was. I dressed nice to "sell beer" and had the pleasure of being forcibly leaned upon by a young mentally challenged boy until I got to the loop. I missed the BNSF train by 6 minutes, so I hung around Union Station and had some shitty food. Got tricked by a CTA announcement into getting off the train a stop early and sweated salt stains into my dress shirt as I tried to make it on time.

I made it to Napeville in short order and after a little hunting I slunk through the Irreversible ped-tunnel and walked into a genius little bar called Orazio's which must do a hefty transit business. I had a PBR and Mike joined me and did the same. We jawed a bit and then decided to get moving.

I asked Mike to show me Naperville and let me tell ya, it's a beautiful place. We spent some time nattering and checking out the Riverwalk, chock full of fountains, statues, Quinceaneras and all manner of good stuff.

I liked this one.

This is the "beach," one of the many old quarries from Naperville's past re-purposed into a public swmming hole.

The Naperville Carillon. Pretty neat, though Mike reckons the 2 million might have been better spent in the school system.

Near a *super* creepy 9/11 memorial that reminded me of this.

Creator of Dick Tracy was from here, Mike felt him up. Dick. Tracy.

You'll have to take my word for it, but the above map, outside the Naperville library is hella neat. It depicts all sorts of places and historical events from Naperville's history and presents them as rubrics. If you're ever in town, have a looksee.

We met with the lovely Miss Christel and had some drinks at Jimmy's before heading out to the Bavarian Lodge. So much to say about that place. Pierogis, Wurst Plate, Liver Dumpling Soup, food food food, beer, beer, beer. Killepitsch and Barenjager.


I was happy.

And I liked this wall hanging as well.

Then we went to Pondscum (Mike's new abode) and it warmed my heart to see some of the trappings of our old apartment (though nicely hung and well-framed). We messed around, drank more beers and played You Don't Know Jack, until it was time for me to catch the last train back to the city.

Coon and Vulva Never Say Die!

On my way through the station, several trixie types were screeching in an SUV about hearing them roar or some such nonsense. It was fairly hilarious and simultaneously terrifying. I caught a (blessedly) quiet train back to Union Station, fielded a call from the O-H whilst ambling back to the blue line and made it back to the G's by 1:30a ish.

I'm a little sleepy, but ready to eat breakies with my hosts and head off to Matty's B-Day. Should be a good day if a bit sunny.

Let me know if you're about today/this even.


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