Thursday, August 15, 2013

On the Road Again

Yep it's true. Great song. Great thing.

It's been a great little more than 3 months Ohio and I thank you especially for the good weather the last couple of days. (!)

I'll tell ya though. It's those last minute damned details that'll get ya.

Waiting for the washer to stop is one of the most irritating. Just wanna finish those clothes one more time before you're itinerant for a bit. Selah.

Had a great day with my pops. Did a little erranding. Finished Prohibition and then we met Mr. McKnight at the very very Roost for dinner. Great stuff. Highly recommend it. We also managed to stop by the Gunns and find at least one of my dang chargers. Yeah!

When we got back from buying me road snackies at Meijer, we watched a cute little flick I'd never heard of before - The Impostors. I wouldn't call it great cinema, but if ya like madcap. And Tucci. And Platt. Give it a whirl.

FWIW, I should be Northside this evening. Let me know if you wanna link up after we catch the show at Steep.

Also, I only have 4 unsponsored days left this summer. Well 4 and 1/2. (24, 25, 27, 28) Anyone wanna jump on board. If ya do, lemme know. Can always use a little extra breathing room, ya know? (I'm looking at you Chicago - well the one's who said they'd get me later. : D Also, still got a limited number of shirts and books for those of you more into "commerce"!)

See many of you *soon* and the rest of you *later*!



Funding:                110.3%
Days in Chicago:   1   
Days Away:          95 
Today is sponsored by the good folks who attended Bard in the Yard!

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