Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Argument for Gas Stoves


I have this routine for boiling eggs that works like a charm when I'm home in Cali, but feck if I can get the shell off in under a minute out here. I think it's the electric range, but maybe it's the quality of the eggs or the humidity or summat. Dunno, but it's not a great way to start the day. I hate crunching into an eggshell. Ack.

On another note, I accidentally made a hair man in the shower this morning.

Can you see him? It's better blowed up.  But most thangs is right?

Obviously my brain is on to other things.

Hey Chicago!

Here's what I know of my schedule in the coming weeks:

Brian and I drive to Chicago on Thursday, August 15th and we'll go see Tony in FALLOW that evening.

I'll likely be Northside Friday night . . . still a little up in the air at the moment . . . Saturday is unknown, but I am going to a Coffin Banger event on Sunday afternoon at the Orbit Room.  It's a Single's Mixer! Yeah.

Monday, August 19th through Thursday, August 22nd I'm having time with Mom and fam in the Northwest 'Burbs and then I'll spend Friday evening with Master Mauloff. I may be back for a minute Thursday night (22) but that has yet to be determined.

Saturday, August 24th is all about Dr. Funkywheels and his Birthday Crazyosity. I hope to see many of you there.

I will stay primarily in Old Iriving Park at the G House (Irving Park Blue Line) and I fly home the evening of Thursday, August 29th.

That means I've got lots of time available to see folks in Chi. Make your dibs. I'm available to Hang Out, to Stay Over, to do stuff, to eat.

I want lots of pizza and Mexican, maybe Cross-Rhodes (yum!). I wanna check out some of my old stomping grounds and I want to see all of you. I would fully expect a Hidden Cove night to happen.

Let me know if you have a preference of days, times, what-have-you . . .

I will also give you access to my summer calendar if you ask nicely. Feel free to add to it, but let me know you did. I'll be looking at it a bit less frequently as the summer goes on.

I'm (mostly) on vacation now! : D

Yay me!


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Today is sponsored by the good folks who attended Bard in the Yard!

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