Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mom Day 3

Yesterday involved some heavy lifting to be sure, but most of it was Mr. Fix-it Stuff for Ma and Fam. The dining room table don't wobble no more. The oven door handle is secure. Some of the mountain of stuff is shifted and the offending tree is cut up.

Doesn't my hatchet look good with my purple bling-bling band-aid?

Yeah it do.

What I learned, however, is I don't do Dryer Vents. Not at all. I'd rather wash dishes or clean bathrooms. Seriously. I hate that more than I hate making my bed. It makes me want to die. (And my lungs don't like it either!)

Oh, and 9000 views!? Nice work cupcakes!

Only 3 (rapidly approaching days) unsponsored if you feel like making an 11th hour contribution (which would be hella appreciated) 8/25, 27 and 28. Get 'em before their gone!

Oh and Sunday. Carol's. 9p. Who's in?

See you tomorrow evening Chicago!


Funding:                111.75%
Days in Chicago:   8
Days Away:         102     
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