Saturday, August 17, 2013

Great. Great. Great. 's

Saturday afternoon is as good a time as any to catch you all up on my first couple of days back in the City.

Dad and I got up early on Thursday and hit the post office before having breakfast at Greasy Bob's by WSU. Then he sewed a sweet little pillow for me (Monkeys!) that I really wish I'd had when I was on tour all these years. Can't wait to try it out on the plane. <3

McKnight and I said goodbye and hit the road mid-Morning, talking equal parts shop and bullshit and really accomplished quite a bit before I got my first glimpse of the skyline in some time. My heart was warm as we rode in on our way to the G house on the West Side.

We stopped by and I dropped off a bunch of my shite and got Tony ready before heading to Rogers Park where Bri was crashing at the Pussy Pad. Yeah!

We ambled over to the Northside Leona's and had a real nice pizza and talked with Lauren for a spell.  Tony had to leave a bit earlier to get to his call for FALLOW at the Steep Theatre Company. Brian and I finished up, got the backdoor key from Lauren and stashed his stuff where I got to meet the lovely and talented Elyse before we headed to the show where we met up with my old friend Laura.

I have to say, soup to nuts, it was one of the best theatrical experiences I've had in years. Great space. Great people. Solid script. Apt directing. Commited, believable cast. Captivating actually. Both Tony and my former Roosevelt pupil, Nick Horst, were awesome, as was the rest of the cast. Just top-notch stuff. Unfortunately it closes today so most of you won't get to see it, but if you've got the time and the inclination, I'd go. Tonight at 8p is your last chance. Just off the Berwyn Redline Stop. So so worth it.

Welcoming group. We stayed and hung out with the company, particularly the uber-hospitable Artistic Director Peter and talked about theatre, music, &tc. We were eventually joined by my old buddy Ben who made the long trek up from the West Side. A great night. Thanks Pete.

Steep After Hours w/ Tony Garcia, Ben Morphis, 
Laura Gouin and Peter Moore.  

We made our goodbyes to Pete and the general consensus was for K-Rock, so we made our way to the Hidden Cove, which was on my list for this visit and the scene of many of my former and I suspect future crimes. We had a good time rocking out with the three or so folks in attendance until the late night rush (as usual) made it largely a douche fest. Regardless, we shut down the bar and then we all went our separate ways to have our own adventures. 

I crashed in Andersonville and then met with Brian, Josh Horvath and his new bride Melissa, who I had never had the pleasure of meeting. What a great lady! So happy for these two. We ate at Lady Gregory's and talked a lot of smack. Great meal. Great conversation. Great time. Again. So happy to be seeing all these friends.

We dropped Melissa off at House for work and then we went to Powell's as Brian's been looking for a used copy of Animal Farm. No dice.

Doesn't he look silly on that ladder? Yes he does! Don't fall down go boom old man! : D

We hit the G's for a bit so I could freshen up, change clothes, etc. then Josh had to get back home so he could work on some tech notes. He dropped us at Pratt and Ashland and we checked out the Armadillo's Pillow. Wacky little store. Still no dice on the Orwell so we decided to start walking south as we had plans to meet Brigitte in Andersonville for dinner at Andies - across the street from Lady Gregory's incidentially.

Birg has been a little under the weather so it was nice that she was able to get out and see us. Turns out she's going through similar upheavals in life, but coming out the other end feeling mostly fine. It's good to see her so happy. : D

We saw the Puppet Bike on the way back to her car which just warmed my heart for so many reasons! : D

Love the Puppet Bike. So Chicago. So apropos for this summer.

Brigitte was kind enough to offer us a lift and we headed back to Brian's crashpad; I took a nap whilst we waited for Lauren to get cut. She soon joined us and we went to Clarke's in Lincoln Park to a live band Karaoke Night for her friend's birthday. After an hour in that proto-douche hell-hole with no sign of her friend, Elyse showed up and Lauren passed off her card.

We attempted the Beercade but the "DJ" was horrible and loud, so we left. (I do want to give that mid-week try if anyone is in the mood . . .) Our fearsome foursome was just not feeling any of that so we went in search of food and struck out here and there and at Cesar's (which I am pleased to report is *not* closed as I had been told! Woohoo! Killer Margaritas Live!) and finally settled, ironically enough, on Clarke's on Belmont which was hosting - get this - Live Band Karaoke!) Oy Gevalt!

It was late enough that the howling ended relatively quickly and we ate our too much food and laughed. I had a nice time, barely missing the G party and being relegated to the familiar El. It was all good til I had to wait for a half hour for the transfer to the Blue Line. Sweating. Sober as a judge.

I may take a nap believe it or not, but we'll see what we can get into later this evening.

I must also ask your patience loyal reader insofar as the consistency of time and content may fluctuate here in the City of Wind as I let the adventures dictate my spinning.

Until next time . . .


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Days in Chicago:   3
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