Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last Day / First Day

Happy Opening?

I only question it because I am neither happy this morning, nor certain that we will open with the weather being what it is.

I forget sometimes how much crappy art can affect my mood. And, no, I am not referring to the TEMPEST here.  I, in fact, expect that to improve my attitude if we get to perform today. We only did 9 of the first two pieces, so I suppose it's likely that will happen with this piece as well . . . we'll see . . .

I'm going to try to restrain myself as I've already wasted enough time on this "film," but fuck Valhalla Rising made me want to murder Nicholas Winding Refn.


If you're going to write a movie with barely 50 lines of dialogue then you don't get 6 fucking title cards that you pop every 20 minutes because you have no concept of narrative! What the fuck was this thing? I guess you win Refn as I watched the entire thing waiting for something to happen, but Jesus. Pathfinder was better than this and that was a disaster at best.

If I ever meet you in person I will beat you for the "soundtrack" alone.

Needless to say I wouldn't recommend that POS, but each his own. Ugh.

I slept like shit and now the mower assholes are here being mower assholes. Seriously. A blower on the front porch!?!?

Okay. Calm. Breathe.

'Cause yesterday was alright. I hung out with the folks until they went to see a friend and I got some time to lounge with myself which I sorely needed. I meditated (for serious), checked my lines, watched the Freakonomics doc (well worth the time) and then I had a nice final dress.

I honestly can't wait for people to see this. And Prospero's just dying to see you!

Just one reason don't like you 
to see puppets backstage . . . 

Brian decided we were good after one run and a few touch-ups and he and I went to Tank's and I got forty million wings. Terrible "Ranch" but good chicken.

Then on the way home, aswe discussed some Chi-town logistics, McKnight asked if I minded if he stopped by his office at the CAC. As I haven't visited at all this summer (!) I said, "Of course."

It's always strange to go back there. The first thing I noticed - besides Anita and Blaine in the parking lot - weirdos ; {- was all the plants outside the building. That was certainly not the view when I attended the school. Less anisceptic for certain.

It's crazy how much has been going in terms of prettifying public space in that area of campus. The hallways are a nice light green and they have bulletin boards and the music wing has done some weird shit with the entrance to the recital hall, but the studios look the same as they did when I walked in 20 years ago. I mean not even a paint job.


The Directing Lab looks just as shitty as it did when I put up my OPS and the chairs Brian and I used to inhabit whilst we talked shit are still there. Wouldn't you have loved to have gotten constructive comments from Smart Alec and Know-it-All?

You know you would. Gems like: "Have you ever considered backstage work?" Yep. Still dyed-in-the-wool assholes. Some things don't change. Like Wright State Theatre Department's general disregard for the welfare of their students. And you can take that to the bank.

It is clearly time for some people to move on.

Still it was surprising and warm, as it always is, to have Proust's Madeleine by walking through untouched spaces and it serves to remind me of how far I've come. I have fond memories of that building though having now taught in many much larger schools it is astonishing how rinky-dink the whole operation feels to me now.

You can never go home again.

Okay enough of my bullshit and ranting. Let's try to have a good Wednesday, eh? Eh?



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