Friday, May 31, 2013

Better Living Through Science

Good Day Good Citizens!

And I don't mean the band!  Great folks though they are!  I mean you!  Yes you!

I did a lot of automating today. And I don't mean Dan style.  I mean the labor saving way!

I'll admit to staying in today and enjoying the cooled air before heading to the armpit I knew would be broiling in the Zoot Studio. And I don't mean the sexy kind.  I mean the sweaty kind.

Both Michael Sticka, Executive Producer of Zoot Theatre and Michael Lippert, Director of Elementary Programs at Muse Machine and great Dayton actor, were kind enough to sit through the swelter and watch a run.  It was nice to have some other heads in the room.  And hopefully we'll get some more fans or something so we can work faster than sunstroked slugs.  That may be wishful thinking, but we'll see . . .

Following the run, Brian gave notes outside, which had to be 15 degrees cooler and then we got a little summertime tailgating in, including almost hitting a Dayton Police cruiser with a frisbee, while the adults (Brian, Tristan Cupp, Artistic Director of Zoot Theatre, and Victoria Sutton, our SM) talked about how best to spend the rest of the rehearsal.

See how much fun we're having!

                                                                Darren opened his truck to play some "music" by  
                                                                some thing called a Taylor Swift. Ick.  Sometimes 
                                                                        I feel really old. This is one of those times.
                                                                                    Anita and Kelsey look on. 
                                                                        Cameron actually caught this one. 

After our little bit of summer fun, Tristan demonstrated the Zoot style of puppeteering to the cast.  I don't have a puppet in this show, so I interacted where appropriate, but mostly stayed outside in the cool until I was needed (and between you and me had a long phone confab with the SERF! Shhhhh).

                                                           Tristan coaches the lovers as they try out their puppets 
                                                                                            for the first time.

Afterwards, Brian, Mathys, Tristan and I caught a bite at the Dublin Pub and shot the shit.  I had a delicious Grilled Chicken & Portabella Salad.  Try it if you're in the mood.  It'll do ya right.

Looking forward to some downtime this weekend.  How about you?


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