Saturday, May 25, 2013

Though she be but little, she is fierce!


Had a fairly uneventful Friday chillaxing with the dad's and then I had the chance to go to Treasure Island to sup with McKnight and one of my favorite actors and human beings, Mr. Michael Lippert.

Lippert and I both had Liver.  Yum!

I then went to see many old friends and new at Captain Johnny's Whizbang (last Friday of every month).   I had forgotten it was going on but was reminded by Miss Lucy Fern and so I went to Gilly's to check it out.

This is a monthly variety show in Dayton.  It included some members of the Freakshow Deluxe (the Reverend Tommy Gunn, Miss Malice Aforethought and Lil Miss Firefly - swallowing a balloon below).

                                                                            In case you're having trouble 
                                                                         with the shitty camera phone pic, 
                                                                             Miss Firefly is 27" tall; she is 
                                                                                    behind the monitor.

There was some fun.  I got to rummage around in a box and say a dirty word onstage.  The upshot is, I won a Bridge set.  Anyone else down for a geriatric themed party?  Anyone?

We made a quick stop at the Trolley Stop and then I returned to McKnight's for a little late-night shit shooting.  All in all it was a good day.

Still got a lot of lines to finalize in me noggin, but I'm looking forward to some theatre tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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