Saturday, June 1, 2013


Happy June!

Yesterday was another productive but relaxing day.

I finally got my bike back from the shop.  1977.  Schwinn Spirit.


Smooph, huh?

I wouldn't have thought I would have gone yellow again, but my Savage was Yellow and now the bike.  People will see me comin'!

I rode to Kroger after Kelsey was kind enough to drive me to pick it up from the Village Cyclery and boy oh boy am I out of shape!  We'll see if my grand design for the summer is going to pay off or not, but it's nice to have some wheels!  Helps a lot psychologically.

After I did a bit of shopping I got caught in some big rain on the way back and got soaked to the bone.
Then I finished and began a bunch of stuff unrelated to the Sojourn and chilled a bit.

It was nice.

I was then invited to got the Neon to watch Renoir.   It was slow and very, very French, but the old man was pretty phenomenal and some of the images were truly arresting.  Still maybe not the best choice for a Friday night.

The energy picked up though when Kelsey, Anita, a new fellow I had just met named Blaine and I dropped by Mr. McKnight's apartment, which I have lately dubbed "Downton Crabby."  We watched a bunch of videos of people falling down and then Brian played a few songs and Anita played a couple of songs on the ukulele.

I'm thinking we need to find a spot in Miami Valley to put on a folky show with the two of them around August 10th.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  I'd love to set that up before I go.  : )

It's nice to have a quite night in with friends and that was just the rainy night I needed.

Thanks everybody!  Here's to you!

I think.



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