Thursday, May 2, 2013


Golly!  Where do I begin?

Jennifer "Bubbles" Parker is our woman in Las Vegas.  As such I have had the chance to stay connected with her over the years.  Lucky me!

She works crew on Peepshow after having staged managed and crewed for a diverse number of professional arts organizations in the Dayton area and beyond, including several years at the Epic Outdoor Drama Blue Jacket [RIP] about Weyapiersenwah, where I first met her.

I have so many stories about Bubbles and I'm sure she has a few about me as I was young and dumb when I worked Blue Jacket and she was a long-suffering ASM.  Despite the fact that I could ramble on and on, I think this picture from one of the infamous BJ canoe trips kind of sums up both us and our relationship, don't you think Bubbles?  

What's even better is that she has a dark week while I'm in Ohio and I'll get to see her for a minute.

*claps hands*

Maybe we should go canoeing on a free day?  Who's in?



Funding:                    78.2%!
Days to OH:              12

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