Sunday, May 19, 2013

Couple Couples (+1)

Happy Sunday!

Familial obligations yesterday netted this pic from a rooftop loft.

Neat, huh?

The home we visited also had all kinds of quirky cool items, like this presidential memorabilia.

I loves me some historical stuff.  Which is why the folks and I just finished watching part of a Titanic documentary.

But I digress (as usual).

Today's blog is meant to be a Donor Brag, about two of my favorite couples (+1).

Kenny Dellinger and Dylan Diehl (who we all hope will become the Diehllengers after wedlock) are two of my homies that make their nest in Burbank not so far from where I have worked on and off for the last five years. Kenny works in production and Dylan works in all kinds of productions.  (See what I did there?)

I also have a project I hope we can tackle full on when I'm back in the Fall.  Sound good, D's?

I first met Kenny at IU and we had several adventures. Kenny is argumentative, semantics-obsessed and a tough guy to play a game with.  He's also loyal, intelligent, hard-working and the kind of bulldog you want on your team.  Especially if a bill needs to get a paid or an unpopular point needs to be driven home. He's a helluva production coordinator, but he'd also make a great lawyer (as he has been told many times).  I've often thought he would have made a great road manager.  In another life perhaps . . .

Enterprising is his word.

He also likes pirates, so he's definitely on my team.

                                                                         Diehl and Dellinger at a Pirate Murder 
                                                                               Mystery Party; Van Nuys 2011
Suck it ninjas!

Dylan is a dear and far easier to converse with than her boychik. (At least the conversations tend to flow a little more easily.)    ; )

She is smart, beautiful, sophisticated and cool.  Raised in Pasadena she is one of my closest native Angeleno friends, a rare breed indeed.  Dylan makes her living as a tutor and an actor, having done many productions in the theatre.  Probably not difficult to see why we get on.  She's also tri-lingual.

You can learn more about her here.

The other couple I'd like to whom I'd like to give props are the Maloneys.   An oblique IU-Chicago connection lead me to meet Tucker and Katy, and ultimately Fyona.

Great looking family, eh?   (The kid's a bit bigger these days, but I didn't have any snaps of the three together, so deal with it all right?!)

Tucker is a big hunk o' man currently running the The Tucker Maloney Show.  I like it.  You should too.  He's a big guy with a booming basso profundo (speaking wise, never heard him warble) that gets him much voiceover work and instant respect.  He's also worked in radio, film and television.  He's certainly fun to have around at your BBQ.

Invite him.

His wife, Katy, (equally fun to cut up with) is a tall self-identified Red-Headed Actress.  Her maiden name is Moosbrugger and I do believe she's from good Northern European stock.  I have only had the chance to see her onstage once, in an L.A. production of PROOF, but I look forward to working her one day.  I dig her work man.

Katy's also a wonderful friend and a straight shooter and the mother of the lovely Fyona pictured above.

Fyona is nowhere near as tall as her parents.  Give it time.

Their donation cracked me up because of the snark Tucker felt compelled to include with the gift.

If you can't make it out, the memo reads:  "SOME THEATRE CRAP"

This is why I love them.  That and all of these folks were reasons the PARTyING IS SUCH SWEET SORROW event was a successful as it was.

Thanks again to you all!


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