Monday, May 6, 2013

CoB in the House!

Hey all!

Another group of folks who hooked me up with some help were part of the crew at the City of Burbank Financial Services Department where I've worked on and off for the last 5 years.  A good selection of my favorite people chipped in and I sure do appreciate it! : )

Dino Balos is an accountant and a fellow Buckeye.  His passions are basketball and AC/DC.  He's a cool guy and utlimately did a lot of my work the last time around.  Thanks Dino.  And sorry.  Uhhh . . .

Monina Marin also works in the Accounting Department.  She and I shared a corner the last time I was employed.  We get along well and talk books and movies and whisper about everything else.  I miss not seeing her every day.  She's camera shy, so you won't get a look at that one.  : )

Nikki Lopez works in the Revenue Departmentand has been one of most solid friends since I first started working in Burbank, almost the entire time I've been in L.A.  Nikki is a sweet gorgeous blonde California girl with a heavenly house up in Cowboy Country.  She and her husband let me store my bike at their place when I left town the last time.  I don't see her as much as I'd like, but we're thick as thieves!  Right Nikki?

I decided to go with a company luau party pic instead of the zombtarded pic I like to torture her with!  Heh.

My last donor from CoB is my homie Steven Aragon.  Steven is Burbank's Collections Specialist and I love to hear him bulldog someone on the phone.  He's also an avid runner and Naziophile, well Nazi history anyway.  A war history buff okay?  Nobody freak out.  Sheesh.

He's also very clear that is Spanish, not Mexican.

Steven is a great guy to hang out with when he can get time away from his family.  He's a loyal family man, so when he has time to get out, we rage!  Last time was at the Bigfoot Lodge.  He's another one I don't see enough, but I hope to catch him one more time before I go.

                                            from my Lactation Series, consisting of Steven in I in 
                                                                  the closet like Lactation Room at CoB

Right Steven!?

More fun tomorrow!



Funding:                    82%
Days to OH:              8

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