Friday, May 10, 2013

Just Desserts

I chose this title (and before you get your knickers in a twist, yes I know it's "Just Deserts" - puns people, puns!) . . . uh where was I?

Oh yes.

This title is the right title because I'm talking about Shawn Philip Michael DeLoache.

Shawn is my roommate.  My helpmate.  My shipmate.  Just generally my mate.

He's a great guy.  A very talented writer.  A caring friend.  And a lover of Desserts.

I don't think you understand how deep his love of desserts goes.  He might give up anything for a good piece of cake.  Seriously.  If you want to own him for a bit, give him an all expense paid trip to Sweet Lady Jane.  (And if my buddy Abraham is working, tip him a lot!)

Try it out.

We have fun.

And he's put this party together for me tonight, because he is awesome.  Show up and give him a hug.  And take him out for cake, or really any kind of dessert.  At least once a week until I get back.


I could go on for days about all the amazing things lining up for Shawn through his talent, integrity and hard graft, but he and I are going to watch IRON MAN 3 in about an hour so I need to wrap this up!

Hope to see a few of you tonight!  And bring your hugs.  Shawn will need lots of (inappropriate) hugs! : )



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