Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greene Renaissance

Hello Lovers!

I've been home a little over week and I've only gotten seriously stir crazy once.

I'm working on some transpo ideas that will make you all do at least one treble-take.  (I'll let you know when I've arrived at a conclusion.)

I've had the chance to do a little bit of Hanging Out with my dads in addition to the regular kind.  Both my eldest brother and my cousin donated time to them and so far I've had the chance to move some furniture around and put some plants on the back deck as my pop continues on his quest for his own private Xanadu.

He told me today that he's loved plants as far back as he can remember.  Shows, don't it?

I'll keep you updated as he continues to make additions.  His plant-ariums are always restful.

I was very thankful to get a readthrough of Faustus last night as it will be the biggest challenge this summer.  I have a few more ideas about how to approach this puzzle of a play.  I'm also thankful to finally get *in* to the Art Institute.  You gotta know where you're gonna be playing, eh?

And look at this theatre!

                                                                                 NCR Renaissance Auditorium

                                                                                               ceiling detail

                                                                      McKnight directs Andrew Quiett as Oberon 

Interestingly, this is *not* where we're going to be performing, but it is nice to be in the museum regardless.  A great feeling, particularly when doing some measure of museum theatre!  *rimshot*  We'll be in the Italian (Hale) Cloister which we get to see on Wednesday, though I'll admit to having spied it through a door. Beautiful area, and one in which I'm looking forward to playing.

Looking forward to more blocking tomorrow, though I think we'll mostly be in the Studio at this point.  I'll let you know how it goes.


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