Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All but 8 days underwritten - WOWSERS!


We finished blocking through scene 11 for Midsummer tonight, which makes a bit more than halfway done and then we ran what we finished a couple of times.  The work is quick and sweaty, but moving along nicely.

                                                                         Mathys, Juliet and Darren look on as 
                                                                                 Anita asks Brian a question

Tomorrow we look at the performance space.  Bazzah!

Now I'd like to talk about some cool people.  I've had so many awesome people help me out that I still get to talk them all up!  : D

Nathaniel Beaver (twitter) is a great fella I met at IU in the Film and Television Center.  He is the driving force behind Parry-Riposte Films where he is the founder and also serves as a producer, director and editor.  I've only had the opportunity to appear in of Nathaniel's projects (Chrismas: A Revenge Tale - don't blink),  but we do get together every so often for a rousing game of  LOTR Risk or one of his patent all-night movie marathons.  He picks a theme and goes with it (i.e. zombies, Nazis, &tc. . . .)

The Beav is a massive LOTR fan and has spent some time in New Zealand for obvious reasons.

He's an all-around great guy and I look forward to our next Hang Out when I get back to LaLa!  Here's a poster for C:ART.

                                                                           I'm down on the right somewheres . . .

Sanfauken is made up of Mars Sanford and Kerri Van Auken, two of my favorite Chicago friends who have lived in a LA for a couple of years now.  They are fun folks how make *every* party better as they sterling conversationalists and highly creative individuals.

Mars is an animator and artist that does some improv work and is also into beersbiking and bands like TMBG, Ween and Phish.  I have been so happy to have him around, especially that night where he made up the minimum number (3) for a realistic pub trivia team.  Cheers buddy!

Kerri is a writer, comedian, baker and half of the comedy duo Size Eight, which opened for N&S once upon a time. She's a great cook and a fabulous merchandiser darling.  She teaches cooking to kids and also runs Treats Couture (and I'm told she makes great edibles if anyone is looking . . . )  She shares her husband's hobbies and taste and enthusiasm for the music listed above.

I hate to brag, but I just know the best people!

If anyone is still on the fence now that we're over-funded, there are still 8 specific days left to subsidize.  Not sure if that's a carrot, but I just figured I'd throw it out there.



Funding:                105.8%
Days in Ohio:         10
Today is sponsored by Brad Fletcher and Traycee King

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