Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ho & Saylor Driftwood Couture, Ltd.

At least that's what I imagine they will call their new house/adventuretime/sexyplace.

Heather & Droo are moving to Seattle and as so often happens in large municipalities, we didn't see each other nearly enough.  That is always the case when you're dealing with talented, in-demand artistic types, but at least I got to do my Hang Out with them before they left.

On the same day they donated I went to their apartment in Van Nuys for only the second time to help them prep for the big move out on the next day.  They had four lads lined up to lend a hand and I was helping with the initial push and some organization.

As it happened they lost most of their help and I came back to lend a hand at the end of the next day, giving a wide berth to their already traumatized rabbits.  This being the last image I took before leaving at 3am.

                                                             Grateful not to have to help
                                                                                             clean the carpet

Heather Ho is a bouncy, water-loving ass-kicking artist and designer.  She's also a rrrrrl good friend of mine.  I met both here and D through people I met when I was teaching at Roosevelt, though neither of them attended that school.  Heather spent her time at UNCSA.  She also built the dresses for the bride and her maids at the BEER-Naked Wedding and has the distinction of mixing more different types of alcohol (with no ill effects) than anyone I have ever met.

She's a damn fun person to go on a spree with.  If you get the chance, rub your liver down first and get ready to rumble!

                                                                           Headin' to an 80's party circa 2010

Drew Saylor, or Dusty Ibanez, as I'm attempting to re-name him to help him shed old aliae, was a sound engineering student at Columbia College in Chicago where he sat behind the board and put together Naked & Shameless' Orange Peel Sessions.  

He's a stage hand, sound tech and party monster.  Everyone from Denton seems to be the latter.  But Drew is also a stalwart and true friend.  And we're ridiculously cute together, don'tcha think?

                                                                         Tiki Ti

I can't wait to spend some quality time at their new manor up North.

See you soon kids!

And see the rest of yous tomorrow!  : D



Funding:                    82.6%
Days to OH:              7  

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