Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Event of the Summer

Hey y'all!

Had a nice quiet day with the fam.  Stopped by Bob Evans in the morning and chilled in the afternoon til I was scooped up by the lovely Kelsey Andrae and the beautiful Anita Hill to go to the McKnight Holler in Middletown for some fellowship and a line through . . .

It is a lovely outdoor space and here are some pix of the evening . . .

                                                       Shirley's Faeire Garden - See if you can spot the Alphabets!

                                                          Cast, Crew and Director of A Midsummer Night's Dream
                                                                   Zoot Summer Series, 2013 - McKnight Holler

                                                                    My view during the line-thru i.e. Heaven

We know what we need drill before our rehearsal tomorrow night!

Now check out the new Zoot Video!


Cool, huh?

And for tickets, click here or call:

(937) 223.4ART


Funding:                105.8%
Days in Ohio:         15
Today is sponsored by Kidron Flynn and Ryan Kolbe

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