Friday, May 17, 2013


Guten Tag!

Today I had some time with my folks and as we were running errands I got a good taste of being back in the Heart of it All.  The Buckeye State is something else let me tell you.

While I was in line at the credit union an Orca-fat guy, just as he turned to leave, grabbed a small white bucket and sneezed into it.  Weird.  Then everyone in line felt compelled to discuss it.  I finished my transaction and stopped by the water fountain and some old lady rushed up to me to tell me how she always stopped for a drink there because the water was so delicious.  It was not.  It wasn't even particularly cold.

What was delicious was the meal I shared with my folks at the historic Clifton Mill.

The wheel was going super fast after those great storms last night.  I miss thunder.  I miss lightning.  I miss rain.  Good stuff!

After that relaxing afternoon, I attended a second read-through and tablework session for a A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I think we learned some things tonight.  I took some quick footage of young master Cameron Blankenship in an early stab at Robin's epilogue.

I think you can see where he might be heading.  I like his instincts.

You may have noticed I've had a few more donations showing up.  I'm very grateful.  Once I figure out how to update my cover here remotely (different software, etc.) we'll get everything up-to-date on the FB.

But if you're following here, you are up-to-date, eh?


Funding:                104.7%
Days in Ohio:         4
Today is sponsored by Bridget Krull

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