Friday, May 3, 2013

PARTyING is Such Sweet Sorrow!

Hey All!

Happy Friday!

Time to Hang Out with me is quickly running out!  Can you believe it?

In order to make sure we get some time together, if you live near or will be in the Los Angeles area, I'd like to give you a few options to see me before I'm gone for the summer.

Isn't that nice of me? ; )

Donors don't forget to check out the SSSSMLH2013 calendar.  Time is filling up quickly!

My good friend and roommate Shawn Philip Michael DeLoache (aka Shawnbaby) has graciously agreed to host a party at St. God's Memorial Hospital (aka our apartment) on Friday May 10th from 8pm-2am .

The Fun-Crazing / Bon Voyage Party is described thusly by Shawn Baby:

Stop by. Drink. Cry. Donate. Laugh. Come up with a better name for the party. Watch me become a broken shell of a man.


Shawn Baby.

*NOTE: Bringing booze or snacks is always appreciated and please invite anyone I missed that also loves Matt…or is rich…or is single and blonde…sort of nerdy Taylor Swiftish (this is for me not Matt!)

Secondly, the Bard in theYard event (aka the Little Big Show) on the afternoon of Saturday May 11th at Long Beach Huntington's Home for Wayward Musicians from 2-5pm as organized by my good friend Geri.  She describes it thusly:


Matt - aka Buck - is going on the road for a Midwest run of Shakespeare. This is just a taste of his performance. He needs donations to keep him afloat during the run.

*some light refreshments will be provided*

These are Drop-Something-in-the-Bucket-Fundraisers/Gatherings and a general chance for me to say: “Thanks and see you in the Autumn!”  [Or this summer if you’re in Ohio!!  Or at the end of August if you’re in Chicago!!!]

The above links will take you to FB event pages if you'd like to know more, or contact me directly if you're too cool for school [aka FB] and/or for an invite!  

I will also continue to sell copies of Carnival of Filth (my “poetry” book) and old N&S shirts for $25/ea while supplies last for anyone who would like a more concrete transaction. [Or you can pick up a copy of fi.del.i.ty online if you're feeling brave and/or foolhardy.]

Finally, as time slips away if you want to join forces and have a Group Hang Out (Hubba Hubba), I'm totally open to that.  Just let me know what y'all wanna do! : D

Thanks for all you do!



Funding:                    78.2%
Days to OH:              11

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