Thursday, May 9, 2013

But enough about me . . .

Seriously, right?

As we approach my departure I feel like I've had less chance to talk about all of you amazing people.  Let's remedy that over the next couple of days, eh?

Here are some people who have sponsored several days between them.  I am so thankful for that!

TJ Schwab is another one of those folks I met at Blue Jacket oh so many years ago.  He was playing Charlie Van Swearingen (Par. 4 and 9) I believe.  TJ was one of the many cast members who were partaking in what we called the Louisana Tech Summer Camp Experience.

It was there as a redneck Yankee I forged a lot of lifelong friendships with people from the Deep South for the first time.  It was an interesting time for me having rubber-banded from the Bible Belt into the Steaming Liberal Pot of YSO to be re-introduced to conservatives that I genuinely liked.  TJ is at the forefront of that.

He is kind, caring, quick to laugh and can piss me off faster than most people I know with an off-the-cuff social networking remark.  The difference is, though I often completely disagree with his conclusions, I do know he can and will back up his statements by citing specific information he has processed, not parroted Talking Points.  What more can you ask from your vis-à-vis?

I look forward to spending time with him, his lovely (very liberal) wife Amy who I also met at BJ (both were also key players at Wing & Groove) and their daughter who I've yet to meet, and who I will refrain from calling Miss Cleo, later this summer!  : D

                                         Results of the last election at the Tourne/Schwab Household

The other person I'd like to highlight today for her amazing generosity is the wildy talented super awesome, great-things-come-in-small-packages Nicole (the) Bruce!  : D

Nicole and I have worked together in a number of capacities.  I first met her when I was teaching at IU in Bloomington, Indiana.  She was a theatre student and my stalwart assistant and collaborator when we produced Twelfth Night at the BPP's Summer Program for Young Adults.  (I just made that title up.  I don't remember the actual name, but you get the idea.) 

Nicole is hella gifted, very crafty and off to perform at the COLORADO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL in Boulder this Summer!  I am *SO* proud of her. 

Go Nicole Go!

I'm so excited that we'll both be bashing away at the Bard this summer.  If only we were closer!  Let's work on that.

Thanks for your help Nicole and have a kickass summer!  But do tell me this.  Why do I have no pictures of the two of us together?  Weird, right?

Thanks to you all for reading!  I'll highlight some other people of not tomorrow.  Yeah!



Funding:                    84.5%
Days to OH:               5 

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