Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mr. Fix-it

Good Day All!

I said it once and I'll say it again.  I've really been enjoying the rain.  I miss weather so much!

I got up and helped my pop fix his printer (i.e. plugged in the USB cable) and the power washer (i.e. found the piece he dropped in the garage) and generally felt pretty good about myself.  *pats back*

Then my good friend drove me down to to Cincy to have my Hang Out with my youngest sister Cate as she moved the last of her stuff out of holding in my brother's house in North College Hill.

I think she was happy to get it all done even though she and my step-dad had a drive back to IL in front of them.  (See you both in August!)

After that I met some new friends and was invited to a BBQ that was only drizzled on a bit. I didn't buy the live bait in the gas station, but instead opted for a hunk of meat from the grocery.

I got the opportunity to man the grill for a bit and have fake throwing stars launched at my head.  It was a nice afternoon.

I then made a quick visit to Master Tristan and finally Master McKnight where I helped get the end off of his kitchen sink so he could attach his Brita filter.  We were both only sprayed with water once a piece and it finished my day with a perfect three fixes for friends and family.

It is nice to be useful!



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