Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beautiful Place, Beautiful People

Whaddup y'all!

Going to see Star Trek wth the family today.  Looking forward to it.  Then we'll finish blocking show # 1 tonight.  That's the plan.

We got to spend some time in the Hale Cloister last night.  What a beautiful space!  It also offers some challenges of its own.

                                                              Kelsey and Anita squabble as Helena and Hermia;
                                                                              view from the non-seating side

                                                            The Lovers: Anita, Kelsey, Darren and Mathys' legs

                                                                                     Victoria runs rehearsal

You can see that even if you don't dig on Shakespeare there is something to be gained in this space, called by many one of the most beautiful places in the Dayton area.

We got rained out of rehearsing after a couple of hours so we headed back to the studio, but it was great to feel the spirit of the cloister as it will inform our dreaming about Midsummer!  We also spent some time playing a game called Moods and then some Apples to Apples.

Now as I move on to bragging about my supporters today, I'd like to turn my attention South of L.A., more specifically to Long Beach, California.

Long Beach is an interesting mix of people.  I've heard it has the highest per capita of strippers *living* there in the U.S..   One can still do a proper bar crawl in several areas of the city.  The going out party crowd tends to be more mature (i.e. my age) and there is something of a delicious small town feel though the LBC is directly linked to Los Angeles.  It's also just enough Orange County without being so laid-back it has become retarded.

In a word, I like the LBC.  There were a couple of scenarios where I almost moved there, but it didn't happen.  Not much makes me want to stir from the convenient centrality of Hollyweird, but Long Beach has come close a couple of times.

It helps that I have some really good friends down there.

I mentioned that the Huntingtons were incredibly generous in putting together the Bard in the Yard event before I left SoCal.  (The video doesn't seem to want to come off of my camera.  Ugh.  I'll post it when/if I ever figure it out.  ; / )

This was Geri's brainchild.  Geri is a deadhead, knitter and beader and I have accompanied her to events when her hubby is working as a sound guy.  Ken is a booker, sound tech and music enthusiast.  He is a proponent of self-reliance the whole foods movement (specifically juicing).

Ken is from Rockford, IL and has been a big supporter of N&S: touring with us and once upon a time helping us to run the Tiki-Tonk at the Puka Bar (RIP).  Ken and Geri have often offered me a Murphy bed on many occasions at Longbeach Huntington's Home for Wayward Musicians and Botanical Gardens and I just love being there.

I'm pretty sure Ken and I are cooking up a desert overnight when I get back in the Fall, right Ken?

But you guys know that, don't you?

Another couple that has helped me out a lot in different ways since my arrival in California are the Kanes.

Both Ted and Christy are Librarians and Ted is a fellow Buckeye and also served as the Father of the Bride at the BEER-Naked Wedding.

It had been some time since I'd seen them, so it was a lovely surprise to see them at the Bard in the Yard event.  And Christy did such a nice job of tricking out an envelope I had to share it with you guys.

Hope to see more of these two in the coming years if we can find time amidst their constant globetrotting!

: )

The rest of you I will catch up with tomorrow.


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Days in Ohio:         11
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