Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sleep Deprivation

Good Day Everyone!

After several hours in and out of consciousness yesterday and a couple massive hibernations I think I may be back in work order.  At least 80%.

That should be enough I hope as I am only responsible for a cast meet and greet tonight for the Zoot Summer Series.  Pretty Cool, huh?

The other great thing that happened yesterday was that I got to have a least a bit of a Hang Out with Erin Joy  Swank

at the Denver International Airport where all Men's Rooms are also Tornado Shelters!  : )

It was pretty dang cool of her to meet me during the 20 minutes we could grab as I had to go back through security (which by the way was the nicest, most efficient group of TSA folks with whom I have ever dealt - Go Denver!) , but at least I got to give her some swag.  We hope to make up the rest of her time on another day.  But it was great to see you for a bit Eirn!  : )

More soon!


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