Sunday, May 26, 2013

Marvelous! Wonderful! (+ a link)

What a great day!

I had the chance to see the amazing Sara Mackie (Smith, Agee) in The Marvelous Wonderettes: Caps N Gowns at the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati.  Making musicals fun again.  Despite the lunatic sitting behind me yapping the entire time.

I was accompanied by Mr. McKnight and my folks and we had a great time.

We met Sara after the show and caught up at Taste of Belgium.  Aren't we adorable?

After a great meal (consisting largely of frites), a wonderfully quirky waitress and some sparkling conversation, we got stuck in the parking garage for a bit.  (I thankfully didn't have to tear the gate off.)

When I got home Brian graciously agreed to run lines with me preparation for a multi-run rehearsal tomorrow evening.

I'm pooped.

Time to veg and then try to sleep.  Not sure if I've go the energy to tackle the Dr. tonight.

Oh, and here's the latest link for the Zoot Summer Series!


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