Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hold or cut bow strings!


After the cast shin-dig I spent sometime with my good friends Tommy and Alice before Tommy took off to Halifax for some gigs with the Freakshow Deluxe.  This gave me time to catch up with Alice and the kids as they munched peanuts on the couch and generally giggled.

                                                                       with Charlotte and the Green Monster

Following a long and fairly lazy day with friends I got to go to the Zoot Studio Space for the first time and see where the magic happens.  We also made some magic ourselves with a Folio session and then a first read-through.

So far so good.  I think audiences will really enjoy this rendition when get going.  I look forward to unpacking the play tomorrow night.

On the other hand, I am woefully behind on talking up my donors, but now that I'm getting settled back into being home I think I can catch up!

I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about a fantastic foursome.  Two couples that would show up consistently to Naked & Shameless gigs and make them that much more enjoyable for us as artists.  Now those are some kick-ass fans to have.

The funny part was when Chris & Lisa sent me a contribution I had no idea who it was from as I had never heard either of them use a last name and their Facebook profile is a joint profile for Chris Lisa.  I think it's pretty smart and a great way to cut down on clutter, but now I know their surnames and that helps a lot.

                                                          Chris and I at DiPiazza's 11.11.11

And one more of this lovely couple together (stolen from their page).

I also had a chance to really chat with them at Bard in the Yard (though I forgot to give you guys your book or shirt!  Ugh.  We'll fix it in the fall.)  I didn't know Chris had a history doing Shakespeare, nor did I realize he is a set painter for the South Coast Rep.  Pretty cool, eh?

Their buddies who were often with them at shows, Erik & Julie, showed up with a cooler, a small bucket for drinks and general support.  Julie went on to tell me how she is part of a family of musicians and she went for the steady gig with the paycheck and benefits.  I didn't really get a chance to talk one on one to Erik, but our energies are similar and I love having him around.

Since I can't find more of my own pix from Nigel Tufnel Day, here's a few more shots of different configurations of these party people for your viewing pleasure!  : D

                                                                        Chris and Erik    

                                                                                              Erik and Julie

Julie also told me that she was defending my integrity as an artist (though I'm not sure to whom) and I was honored by the presence of these four, among others at the Bard in the Yard event.  Thank you all for your generous outpouring and general good will.

I look forward to more Hang Out time like that in the Fall - off the clock!  : )


Funding:                102.9%
Days in Ohio:         3
Today is sponsored by Bridget Krull

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