Thursday, May 30, 2013

Merry and tragical! tedious and brief! / That is, hot ice and wondrous strange snow.

Hey errrbody!

I had an oxymoronic kind of a day.

It was restful and easy and yet I got a lot done.

The upshot was that my brain was mush, but I spent most of it inside a small trailer at the Nealeigh House.

I have mentioned before that Tommy and Alice are the heart and soul of the Freakshow Deluxe and this is one of the trailers they use on tour.  Tommy apologized for having me in the driveway "like some poor relation," but I found it heavenly.  Particularly on that muggy day because it has an AC unit.

I sat about and recorded all my lines for the upcoming production of Faustus where I will be yammering for at least an hour.  Hope everybody enjoys the sound of my voice.  Sheesh.  And then I reviewed my Midsummer work.

Following that I got to say Happy Birthday to the Green Monster.  That's right!  Grennan turned 8 yesterday.

: D

We all went to Lucky's Taproom in the Oregon District and I met up with Kelsey and Anita who, after we said our goodbyes to my hosteliers, took me to rehearsal at the Zoot Studio space.

We ran Midsummer and swam through the sweat - good training for the daytime shows this summer I should think - and actually began to block Faustus.  I really like the shape it's starting to take.

We were all ready to be wrung out after that I can tell you and I slept very soundly last night.

I will now take the opportunity to profile the last few benefactors I haven't had the chance to brag about!

Alyssa Larson was one of my students at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts at Roosevelt University in Chicago. She moved to L.A. about the same time I did and we have had the chance to link up every now and then, usually at fun events like pub trivia or private karaoke room parties or just running into one another randomly at Central Casting.

Alyssa has always been loyal and a straight-shooter, as well as good fun to be around. I realize writing this that I don't know what professional work she's been doing lately. I'll have to remedy that when I get back to the West Coast.

Cocktails darling?

The last couple I have to lift up (for now anyway) are my aunt and uncle on my dad's husband's side: Lynne and Jack Maxim.

They are some of my favorite people in the entire world.  They live in Maine and we got to visit them many times growing up and we also got to stay in their cottage in Corea.  It was quite a different world from the flat and landlocked area in which we grew up and our cousins Grey and Kidron fell within my siblings' collective age ranges, had the same interest in music (Grey can play *anything* and Kidron sings like a bird).   We had lots of fun together.

Jack, who has since retired, was a Lutheran Minister at St. Andrew's in Ellsworth.  (My folks send me a divine smelling wreath from there every Holiday Season.)  Lynne worked for a yacht-building company named Hinckley.  I don't know if she still does, but I can tell you I got no end of joy wearing that shirt in Indiana, under the suspicious gazes of the wingnuts.

I haven't seen the Maxim's in person for a long while, but all my memories of them (even my deadly discovery of my lobster allergy) are good.

Lynne sent me at one of my graduations (though I cannot recall which) a card with a line-drawing of a leaping fool that reads:

"Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad."

It is framed and on my wall.

Thank you to the Maxims and indeed to all of you who have seen fit to help me on my way this summer.
I hope you continue to enjoy these updates and I hope to have a few more Hang Outs soon!

Hit me up!

: )


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