Friday, April 12, 2013

Momentum Indeed!

Hey all!

I'd say 2% over night is a pretty great jump!

We truckin'!

Desiree Hattery (nee Brenno) was mentioned in a post on 3/23/12 when her younger sister Tamara contributed, back when we were only a mere 31% funded.  Seems so long ago.  : D

I haven't seen either of the former Brenno sisters since N&S played a gig at the Burt's Tiki Lounge in Albuquerque in 2006.  They came to a show we played with Vertigo Venus and others and we got to catch up a bit.  As they were airforce brats, the girls moved around a lot and we were lucky to have them in town after they moved into the former House of the Highest.

Dizzy Dezzy was always one of my favorites and I'm gleaning from her minimalist web presence that she finished school in ABQ and stayed there.  Hope to run into her and Tamara again.  : )

Thank you Dez!

In addition to this kind gift from former high school friends I also got a generous push from two of my newest closest friends out Los Angeles way.  Together they form a formidable creature we call Maarondith the Clute-Molinari Monster!  Rawr! 

I'm not sure if there's enough room on Blogspot to brag about these two awesome individuals, but as they reminded me that brevity is the soul of wit (not my strong point! Ha.) I'll try to keep it to a reasonable length.

Aaron Clute: is another one of those folks I mentioned that I know that does really good work.  He's a pediatric respiratory care specialist at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.  So he spends his time saving babies.  For realzies.  When not teaching interns.  And he loves to talk about it!

He also loves Halloween, Horror Movies and Music.  And he is the Ariel to my Snow White (+7") in xxDISNEYCORExx.   (Brad Fletcher, who I mentioned on 3/19/13, is our Belle.)

As you have probably discerned, I'm a pretty big fan of this guy.  And that goes for his gorgeous and just as twisted wife, Meredith Molinari.  She is the genuine article.  Beautiful, Smart, Funny and also into gore and horror.  She makes her living as an actor, model and a host and if you need someone to fill one of those posts, I would highly recommend her.

I've had opportunity to get to know this phenomenal young woman over past few years and boy am I lucky.  I hope to ensnare her in a project or two, so keep your eyes and ears open.

But in the meantime watch her videos and buy stuff with her picture on it!



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