Monday, April 8, 2013

Is it your round?

Hey friends!

I was thinking about the coffee analogy I made in February and how that would be totally lost on me and so I decided that instead I might suggest another.  Many of my generous friends have bought me drinks and I have reciprocated.  Perhaps this is a more apt comparison.

Can we not assume it's your round and you can buy me a beer and I'll give you something back in the form of an artistic quaff?

This campaign started with me needing 700 people donating $5.00 to meet the goal, now, due to the awesome amounts of the donations I've received from 34 super generous people, I only need 359 people to donate $5.00 a piece and we'll be at the goal.

Obviously even I can't drink 359 beers in one sitting, so maybe some of them will be as I Hang Out before I fly back to the Midwest, or some might bought Midsummer whilst I play Bottom or later towards August before I make it back to the Windy City for a visit, which seems more and more likely every day.  Yay!

Regardless, I'm floored with how much we've raised so quickly and I do look forward to raising a glass with more than a few of you - literally or figuratively - as the days move forward.



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