Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joe's Café and Freshly Squeezed Xanadoom Orange Juice

Hey everybody!

Another Super-Fun Hang Out is complete; this time with the fabulous Malina Moore!

We met up at Xanadoom and took a trip to an awesome breakfast spot anomieo and I stumbled upon a couple of months ago in Granada Hills.  I'll just say this: Best Bacon Ever.  I swear the guy fries each piece separately.  Joe's Café.

You be the judge.  (And pick up some chocolate chip bacon cookies while you're at it!)

Seeing as breakfast is Malina's favorite meal (wise choice), we decided to munch there and then retire back to Xanadoom for fresh squeezed orange juice off the tree and a last minute addition of shave ice using a machine anomieo found at an estate sale to remind both of the ladies of their respective times in Japan.

                                                                                     1/2 of those oranges made                                                                             
                                                                                     that pitcherful of juice; 
                                                                                    also see the hand-cranked 
                                                                                   Kakigōri Machine and empty 
                                                                                                   bowl.  Yum!

Besides breakfast, OJ and Japan, conversation topics ranged from Insomnia to the Media, Congress, Brain Tumors and Heart Surgery, Beautiful Weather, the Valley, racial profiling, executive vs trophy wife cars and a baby blue AMC Hornet.

It was a full morning.

Thank you for the Hang Out Malina!


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