Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Filling in the Blanks

Hey all!

NaomiO hyped me to this very interesting article by Nicholas Hytner.  It's definitely worth a gander.

The gist is that Shakespeare was an actor and therefore wrote for actors, so all the pieces and parts that critics and historians try to puzzle together to "make sense" of the Bard's work are merely starting points for actors to fill in the blanks.

Much like traditional Commedia gives you a scenario to work within as a specific character, Shakespeare is giving a structure in which an actor get the opportunity to create a character to whom that actor can connect and imagine and ultimately be.

In addition to this gift for the actor, I can't wait to see what blanks get filled in by the artisans and craftspeople with whom I have the opportunity to work this summer!  Fairies, Monsters and the Devil!  What will those puppets bring to the table? What will the opportunity for pure voice acting bring? What surprising ways will non-human elements answer the questions raised?

                                                              Zoot at the Goloka Gallery

This is gonna be cool!



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