Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You know that sound your sword makes when you pull it from your scabbard?

That's right.  *Shing*

That's exactly how Shing Yin Khor told me to remember her name.

Shing is fascinating.  She's a really good friend of a really good friend and we only got to Hang Out once, but it was memorable.  Our mutual buddy was visiting LA and they both decided to get their first tattoos at Freak Chic.  I accompanied them.

Shing is gifted artist herself and as such she had designed the tentacles she wanted oozing up her lower back. The artist was complimentary about her design expressing that it's not really an inker's fantasy to have someone come in "with the art."  And though she wavered a bit in the end, we gave her enough moral support to get through the tetchy nerves in the lower back to finish her piece.

That's the sum total of my in-person time with her.  But I have seen her in Los Angeles Magazine with all the cutely creepy fun little creatures she makes based around her flagship character Marlowe.  Check 'em out. And if you see her at a Con say "Hey."  She's hella friendly.

Shing's kind donation not only moves the funding total to a solid 44%, but it also means I may actually get to see her again  in person.  Probably not until the autumn as we're both super busy!

; )



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